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Destiny 2 Launches Trailer Ahead of Season 19 Reveal

Destiny 2’s new season is set to launch on December 6th, and Bungee plans to draw back the curtain with a reveal set to occur at 7 a.m. PT. As per usual, the company will keep mum on real details till then, but an all-new trailer has actually been revealed for what Bungee is calling the Season of [REDACTED] Regrettably, the trailer gives audiences extremely little to go on, rather developing simply a bit of backstory for this brand-new season. Luckily, fans will not have to wait too much longer for more info!

Interestingly enough, the new trailer has been met a bit of reaction! Bungee has a routine of keeping information quiet about a brand-new season right up till its release, and not everyone is a fan of this method. Bungee linked to the trailer on Twitter, and many users teased the business for marketing a brand-new season without really revealing anything. While some fans like to be amazed, others are plainly less keen on this method. Ideally those exact same fans will be a lot happier following tomorrow’s reveal.


Destiny 2 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Google Stadia, and PC. You can have a look at all of our previous coverage of the video game right here.

Are you looking forward to the brand-new season of Destiny 2? Are you frustrated that Bungee does not expose more about new seasons ahead of time? Let us know in the comments or share your ideas directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

Destiny 2’s new season is set to launch on December Sixth, and Bungee plans to pull back the drape with a reveal set to take location at 7 a.m. PT. Bungee connected to the trailer on Twitter, and many users teased the company for marketing a brand-new season without in fact exposing anything. The new material is set to release as part of the brand-new season, so fans ought to have plenty to look forward to!

The trailer for Destiny 2 Season 19 can be found embedded listed below.

Obviously, there is one thing that Destiny 2 fans learn about tomorrow, which’s new material based upon Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Revealed recently, the material belongs to a crossover that will see new content contributed to both video games. Destiny 2 players will be able to get a ship, Sparrow, Ghost, finisher cosmetics, 3 armor ornament sets, and a weapons pack influenced by Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The brand-new material is set to launch as part of the new season, so fans need to have plenty to look forward to!

WOW, DRUIDE Guide Equilibre DPS MM+ On Dragonflight

Update: TO TEAM REVERIE, December 4.

If you have any particular concerns or requests, do not be reluctant to request our opinion in the remarks.

Are you looking for a total guide for the World of Warcraft Druid Equilibrate in order to DPS remotely in mythical dungeons’ mm+ on Dragon flight? Discover our guide presenting the very best talents with a complete tree, consumables and the statistics to prefer to perform well in mm+ with your balanced druid.

Talent Guide of the Druid Equilibrate on Dragon flight

These skills are suggested for a relatively timeless use in mythical dungeons where you will need DPS in addition to raider your group as much as possible with your control spells.


The code to import talents into play bygaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoaaoqsiqchkkijsbajssskicgioqcslpejsqdga

in the general part of Large de Talents

  • The wild load skill can be modified in order to select the speed of the tiger instead. This option is extremely individual, pick the point that is best with your gameplay.
  • Vortex Dorsal will be practical in specific dungeons, however it is possible to take the fate tangled mass in location of it in specific scenarios.

in the Talent Large Balance Party

  • It is possible to change specific skills in order to adopt a various gameplay. Organic pulsar and Deluxe support can be exchanged for orbital strike and sky fractured. This gameplay simulates a little less DPS however will definitely be easier to play.

Statistics to prefer in druid balance

Otherwise, control is the main stat, it merely increases, the damage to your spells.

Our hierarchy of secondary stats for a druid balance in mm+ takes into account the use of talents noted at the top of this guide. The values will progress according to your equipment in addition to the content. Keep in mind that for a DPS, the Dob jet level is usually the most important since this conditions the overall Intelligence, the greatest stat in this position.

Dob jet level > Proficiency > Hurry > Criticism > Versatility

Note that we advise Utilize software application as AIRCRAFT or RAINBOWS in order to evaluate part by piece, point per point, the gain in DPS depending upon your devices. This is not always each thing and the case is various if specializations have fairly clear variances in between the secondary stats. Hence, your results will be more exact utilizing a simulation tool to compare.

Magics for the Druid Equilibrate

  • CAPE: Device
  • Torso: Carey
  • Brossard: Device
  • Pants: frozen bewitched thread
  • Boots: soil
  • Rings: proficiency
  • Weapon: Sofia direction

The enchantments permit your statistics to be removed (see above) and total, increase the efficiency of your character. It is advised to include just on the parts you prepare to keep a minimum. In addition, know that it is possible to change one enchantment with another, but you will lose the.

Consumables for the Dragon flight Balance Druid

In terms of consumables to be used in druid balance in legendary dungeons +, a denture part will depend upon the level of the secret and your aspirations. Thus, below 10, it is generally not required to have premium consumables. On the other hand, beyond 18-20, you will require to utilize fight potions as frequently as possible along with all the typical needed.

For the flask (phial in English), the latter lasts just thirty minutes but can be cumulated two times (an overall of 1 hour).

An essential component worrying the Davis potion which allows the packs of monsters and hence saving time in a famous secret. This should be used out of combat and each action will instantly disrupt its impact.

  • Flask: flask
  • Recovering potion: care potion
  • DPS potion: main statistics potion
  • Invisibility potion: Davis potion
  • Food: seafood (hate and proficiency).
  • Dame rune: howling rune.

Druid Equilibrate, a great DPS in mm+ on Dragon flight?

  • It is possible to change certain skills in order to adopt a different gameplay. Our hierarchy of secondary stats for a druid balance in mm+ takes into account the use of talents noted at the top of this guide. If specializations have relatively clear deviations between the secondary statistics, this is not always the case and each stuff is various. In terms of consumables to be used in druid balance in legendary dungeons +, a denture part will depend on the level of the secret and your aspirations. The druid balances in legendary+ in Dragon flight has all the methods of competitive being.

At the exit of Dragon flight, the Druid Equilibrate is a DPS at a feasible distance in mm+.

The Druid Equilibrate will be a viable option with a lot of possible but which will experience greater level troubles at the launch of season 1 of Dragon fight for DPS in MM+.
To learn more, we suggest that you consult our tier list on the best DPS remote in legendary dungeons on Dragon flight.
Here is our DRUID DROPS DRUID guide for legendary dungeons + mm + WOW on Dragon flight.
For the other positions, you can discover our tier list of the finest DPS from Dragon flight in mm+ (coming) as well as our total list of the very best classes and specializations in MM+.

The druid balances in mythical+ in Dragon flight has all the methods of competitive being. The specialization has a lot of appealing responsibility such as the hard vortex or the typhoon to price quote queue, without forgetting the brand of the BR and the fawn. We still discover some gaps in terms of its damage which could be more impactful, with in specific Burst windows a little too restricted to our taste.

Buy PS5 on December 5, 2022 in a ticker – here you can now secure your console

Update on December 5 at 9:30 a.m.: The other day afternoon Sony again sent invites to a closed sale at PlayStation Direct. From 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., the picked can buy the PS5 straight from Sony’s own sales. A public sale follows at noon. It stays to be seen whether these consoles will be provided before the turn of the year.


Update on December 5 at 8:10 p.m.: Have an excellent early morning to everybody. Sony started a substantial pre-order project last Friday. Together with chosen trading partners, you can order a bundle consisting of PS5 console (optionally with or without a drive) and the brand-new God of War Ragnarök or FIFA 23 and get it by January 31, 2023, at the latest.

Where you can buy a PS5 now, you can discover out here in the ticker on Mango. Here you can check out if you can buy a PS5 from MediaMarkt, Amazon and Co


You can now order instantly from the following dealerships:

These orders may no longer wind up under the Christmas tree. Nevertheless, if you don’t wish to wait till the new year and likewise take a look around for a brand-new mobile agreement, this offer from O2 might be interesting. Here is the console in the variation with Blu-ray drive. In addition, a 2nd controller comes on top-together with the O2 Grow tariff.

  • Austrian:
  • Electronic4you

  • Germany:

  • Amazon
  • Mediamarkt
  • Saturn

Sony PlayStation 5 (Disc Edition) including 2 controllers for 1 EUR additional payment

Effective rate → EUR 26.95 per month.

  • 100 EUR alter perk
  • o2 Grow (40 GB+ with 300 Bit/s) for EUR 54.99 per month

These offers are still offered

Where do our information come from?
At Mango we get our info about PS5 sales, drops and reports from various forums, discord servers, social networks and are constantly closely in contact with various experts. We inspect each and every single source and the dealerships every hour to ensure that we can offer you the freshest info and provides at any time.

On the market of the shipping giant, provides with PS5 consoles and bundle always appear, which look far too good to be real. In the newest cases, these deals are substantially less than EUR 500. The PS5 consoles offered do not exist and in the worst case you will never see your cash once again.

At E how simple you get a PS5 when you complete a green electricity tariff. We have actually summarized all information for you.

The list of all dealers that you must keep in view today and in general:


Amazon-last drop 1 day earlier
MediaMarkt-last drop 1 day earlier
Euronics-last drop 1 day back
Expert-most recently just branch sales
Alternate-last drop 1 day back
Saturn-last drop 1 day ago
Otto-last drop 1 day ago
Müller-Last drop 20 day earlier
Medimax-last drop 15 days back
MyToys-last drop 47 days ago
Gamestop-last drop 129 days earlier
Game grotto-last drop 60 days ago
Conrad-Last drop 17 days earlier
Smythstoys-Last drop 17 days back


Media market


Crucial: With Libra and MediaMarkt (Austria), no deliveries are possible abroad. There is just shipping on Austrian addresses. You don’t get PS5 provided to Germany from Switzerland either.

Media market
World of Games

The offers listed here are offered with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase by means of one of these links, you will support Mango: Without the influence on the cost, we will receive a little commission from the supplier.

Where you can purchase a PS5 now, you can find out here in the ticker on Mango. Here you can read if you can purchase a PS5 from MediaMarkt, Amazon and Co

. From 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., the picked can purchase the PS5 directly from Sony’s own sales. On the market of the shipping giant, uses with PS5 consoles and package always appear, which look far too great to be real. The PS5 consoles used do not exist and in the worst case you will never ever see your cash once again.

We will always inform you of the newest developments in updates. In addition, your remarks in the course of the last waves have actually proven to be incredibly valuable. So please continue to help and know us and other readers if possible is the PS5 appears somewhere at brief notice so that we can include it here in the post.

Xbox Game Pass Losing Critically


In addition to the Square Enix RPG the following video games are likewise leaving on December 15: Aliens: Fire team Elite (Cloud, Console, and PC), Breath edge (Cloud, Console, and PC), Fire watch (Cloud, Console, and PC), Lake (Cloud, Console, and PC), One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 (Cloud, Console, and PC), Neo verse (Cloud and Console), Race with Ryan (Cloud, Console, and PC), Record of Lodoss War: Deed lit in Marvel Maze (Cloud, Console, and PC), Rory McIlroy PGA Trip (Console) EA Play, and Transformers: Battlefields (Cloud, Console, and PC).

Xbox Video Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate customers across Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X are losing 11 video games on December 15 in one of the greatest waves of departures in the history of the subscription service. As you may know, the Xbox One variation of the game boasts an impressive 92 on Metacritic.

Up until December 15, all of these games are still readily available by means of Xbox Video game Pass/Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which means all are readily available to subscribers to acquire with a 20 percent discount up until December 15. After this, they will leave the membership service and the discount rate will choose them. Naturally, any and all the games could be included once again in the future, however it’s not extremely common, and when a game does return and leave there’s typically a substantial amount of time in between the two events.

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Video Game Pass Ultimate are available by means of Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC for $10 and $15 a month, respectively. For more protection on all things Xbox– consisting of all the newest Xbox Game Pass news, reports, leakages, speculation, and offers– click on this link or, alternatively, peruse the pertinent links right below:

  • Xbox Game Pass Exposes First Major Games of 2023
  • New Halo Infinite Update Has Actually Xbox Fans Divided
  • Long Lost Xbox One Video Game Lastly Releasing Quickly
  • The Elder Scrolls 6 Opening Teased
  • Xbox Live Gold Customers Have Had Enough of the Trash.

The Xok is pronounced on the controversy of whether it is more difficult to be streamer than waiter

The Pokeys left his comfortable working for Real Madrid a few years ago when he realized that his potential Streamer could give him to live if he dedicated 100% of his time.
But before that there were a thousand burros along the way, among them, a brief period a waiter.


Thus, after the controversy raised by Miller, who claimed that working in a bar w eier than being streamer, Pokeys h finally decided to pronounce.

making things clear

With his usual aggressive/quiet language, Pokeys makes clear soon he started his speech that is well above streamer than the world.
This comes to mind because the second blamed the criticism of his comment, by other companions of the guild, to the little importance and weight of these.
That said, gets into a slaughter.
The Pokeys makes distinctions and underlines the nuances that have been set ide in this controversy.

While it recognizes that everyone can be Streamer and waiter, he points out that it is much more difficult to achieve something with the first than with the second.
Once you have achieved after much you behind, it finishes that:

Earning the life of being streamer is much better than doing it a waiter, that’s the Point.

The Pokeys
Clarified that point, that nuance that is lost among all the noise, brought up its short experience in the hospitality guild.
And that is where it is totally positioned.
It is very hard to be a waiter. The most difficult thing to be a waiter is not to endure 12 hours, it is to endure sholes (…) I have only worked 15 days of waiter, 14 hours a day, at the beach. The worst 15 days of
My life. It is an experience that I don’t want any1.

The Pokeys
On the stress that both works suppose, the Galician, adding to his experience in the beach his knowledge of the stream, finishes completing the puzzle with the following:
The stress of being streamer comes from uncertainty, of not having a fixed salary, of going on vacation that you are not going to collect and not knowing if you are going to have people to see you when you return.
To find half of them because the others have found a streamer that they like more.
That uncertainty is not paid with money.
But it doesn’t matter, it is the only weakness of being streamer.

The Pokeys
About what awaits you, and you can expect in both jobs, Pokeys also h some things to say.
When you work in the world of stream you pire, when you work a waiter, and that is very important, because it gives you goals, it gives you goals, things that you cannot have being a waiter.

The Pokeys
He points out below that of course they have goals a waiter, but that these are more truncated by the limitations imposed by that work.
That’s why it’s so hard, he concludes.

Scalper frantically try to sell RTX 4080 – remain on it now because sellers do not wish to return the graphics cards


Gamers defend graphics cards with scalpers.
But individuals who wish to resell graphics cards need to handle major problems.
Since nobody just wants the pricey graphics cards.
Currently, when the RTX 4080 was presented, Nvidia was slammed that the rate for the brand-new graphics card was far too expensive.
And for the release, the prices climbed up again.
You presently pay a minimum of 2200 euros for an RTX 4090 (via
Scalper most likely believed it was a great concept to resell 2000 euro graphics cards with a juicy additional charge.
Often the prices on eBay for the RTX 4090 were over 4,000 euros
However now the scalper not just remains on their graphics cards due to the fact that nobody wants to buy them, however the dealerships do not desire them back either.
Some scalpers justify their work by having the ability to make a life with your money:

RTX 4080 is expensive for the release, scalper need even more in your greed

What is the current scenario?
It is not a big surprise that the RTX 4080 does not offer truly well.
Due to the fact that with increasing prices and high inflation, extremely a couple of are ready to invest countless euros in a graphics card.
The online publication Videocams describes that so-called Scalper currently have big problems offering their graphics cards.
Neither at increased prices nor for the non-binding cost recommendation are players ready to pay the scalpers’ money for their GPUs.
What is the problem now?
Scalper is now going to return the bought graphics cards to the dealers.
That doesn’t taste great for the dealers, as Videocam reports.
Because some dealers now eliminate the possibility of returning the graphics card.
The dealership Neg egg says Return for Refund Within: Non-Refundable, which implies there is no money back. And this line is now driving more and more sellers.

What does that appear like in Germany?
The situation in Germany looks a bit various, due to the fact that here it is legally excluded that buyers are not permitted to return their products.
This likewise uses to Scalper who want to offer the goods costly and now stop working:
Not just the high prices are presently discussing the purchase of a new RTX 4080 or RTX 4090. If you desire to purchase a brand-new graphics card this year, mango describes what you need to look out for instead.
Due to the fact that apart from the 4000 series, there are still enough more practical alternatives:
What should you consider if you desire to buy a graphics card-now or later on?

Tropico 6 New DLC New Frontiers has actually been taking you into area on the PC given that today


Numerous a local of Tropics would like to go to the moon to the moon. This allows the new DLC (download content) for a fun building method video game Tropics 6 with the name New Frontiers, i.e. brand-new borders. There is also a new project that includes 5 objectives and which is about the race in terms of area travel with other countries.

For the spaceport complex, the DLC uses nine new structures such as the fusion reactor, a vertical farming tower, capsule homes and a lab for artificial food. That the regular citizens of Tropics advantage straight from area aspirations, there is likewise a hologram home entertainment center as a new structure. In the DLC are new designs and accessories as well as 2 brand-new edicts, on the one hand to create more cash from area objectives, and on the other hand to attract homeowners as settlers for the Mars objective.

To web page

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This makes it possible for the brand-new DLC (download content) for a fun building technique game Tropics 6 with the name New Frontiers, i.e. new borders. That the regular locals of Tropics advantage straight from area ambitions, there is also a hologram entertainment center as a brand-new structure. In the DLC are brand-new designs and devices as well as 2 new orders, on the one hand to create more cash from space missions, and on the other hand to attract residents as inhabitants for the Mars mission.

Last Dream 16 Release Date Possibly Exposed in New Report

It’s worth stressing that considering that this is just a rumor, take this all with a pretty major grain of salt for the time being. While The Snitch does have a perfect track record when it comes to dripping numerous video game announcements ahead of time, it’s tough to know if what’s being teased here is actually connected to Final Dream 16. Luckily, it appears like Square Enix is poised to reveal the game’s release date this time next week, so we should not have to wait much longer to see if this nebulous leak ends up being precise.


According to a strange new tweet from a gaming insider understood as The Snitch, it seems like the release date for Last Dream 16 may have been hinted at. If true, this would line up with Square Enix’s previous launch window for the game which is Summer season 2023.

It appears like the release date for Square Enix’s Final Dream 16 has actually been revealed in a rather weird way. Within the previous day, a new tease suggested that the launch date for the next mainline installment in the Last Dream series might be coming next week at The Video game Awards. And while it stays to be seen if the game’s launch date is unveiled at this time, it looks like a brand-new rumor might have currently given us the answer.

Do you believe that this new tease in concern is related to the release date of Last Dream 16? And will you aim to play this video game for yourself when it does release? Be sure to let me understand either down in the comments or strike me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

Regardless of when Last Dream 16 does arrive, the one thing we do know is that the game will be special to PlayStation 5 at release. Another version of the title is potentially slated to come to PC even more down the road, although Square Enix hasn’t correctly revealed this edition of the video game simply yet.

LOL: A new shine appears, eclipse gaming defeats furious and stays with the Entel Super Cup

A battle that defines the end of things within the Enter Super Cup where only two teams could demonstrate their best skill samples within the competition to get to this point, the duel between the current Furious Gaming champions against the newcomers Eclipse Gaming where the winner of this best of five will give them the Cup of this event.

Starting with the first map that would have great handling by the Eclipse team that began to cover the draft of the skull with a Kreshtdooo that put the arrows in the right places with its Virus to lower the life bar of the rivals and get Give them an important advantage in team fights that gives them the first point within the competition.

Going to the second scenario we see how the situation becomes more even at a point where the teams played quarterly when waiting for the rival error, now with Virus in the hands of ISO, the skull begins to hit better in the battles per team However, the team work done by the EG squad would be much better to be able to give them the corresponding victory.

Already with two maps in his favor we see how the sunset benefits eclipse that they only need one more victory to be able to take the tournament but Furious showed a different face a Katrina that he managed to show Take the leadership of the match and get the victory that reacts to the skull.


With a fourth scenario that would have a totally different temper we see the FG team better propose several things for the battle where Head would be the protagonist with his Silas with which he rotated in a good way to support his teammates leaving things in his favor to have A mastery of the stage with which they manage to tie the series with a very cardiac 2-2.

Reaching a fifth map that defines everything for both squads where only one can take the glory, the contest has an interesting turn in the lower lane where Kreshtdooo takes a Lucian with which he manages to press the opponents in a very good way in the phase of Lines to get a good amount of objects with which it would give the advantage that gives them the advantage to achieve the final victory.

Closing a very cardiac series where the Eclipse Gaming team gets its first big win within the Chilean League, surprising the current champion we could see how the new members show their best moves and send the message that they are ready for the opening tournament where They will seek to take the maximum glory for the search for promotion to the LA.

Tower of Fantasy: 3 times RPG has knew how to please the azilian community


Tower of Fantasy had an explosion of popularity on the day of launch, no matter how much he could not maintain such a high level of prominence, in order to hear the azilian community the RPG is to be congratulated. The game showed at various times attempts to get closer to fans in the country, especially on social networks with the World Cup.

On Twitter, Tower of Fantasy’s official account has been very active and attentive to all the moments in azil at the world’s largest sporting event, delivering everything that azilian fans want: successful interactions, what another rival game dreams of having. Check out the five moments when the Gotta Studio RPG showed its support to azilian users:

Dubbing in PT-

In less than three months of release, Tower of Fantasy has made available the voice acting in Portuguese. The RPG gave evidence that it would develop this project in September, it was not long before it came true. On November 22, this project was finally completed, and many game scenes are already on a great voice acting. He still intends to improve more and created a form so that players can report any mistakes.

Characters with selection uniforms

While many fans need to make their own editions to cheer for azil with the image of their favorite characters, as was the case with Genshin Impact, the Tower of Fantasy community doesn’t have to have the same concern. The game account on Twitter has made editions of several well-aased characters for those who want to cheer in the World Cup without abandoning the game.

Interactions on Twitter

Tower of Fantasy is not only aware of azil’s pre-games, but also during. On social networks the game performs scholarships so that players try to hit the score of the green and yellow national team games, if they get it right, will be rewarded. Other interactions with the community related to azil and the World Cup also appear on the profile, such as setting up the dream team with Aida’s characters. Not even the goal of player Richardson in the first game of the national team escaped the attention of the account.

Apparently, more interactions should come up soon and the game follows a great way to try to please azilian fans.

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