In his latest video, Rextroy has prepared a challenge again. This time classes do not occur in the 40-VS-40 fight, but try in 5er groups of the same class at the Raidboss opulence (battle of Dazar Alor) in heroic mode. The Clou: The Golems in this fight will be bypassed, so that the opulence starts with 200% more lifestyles and 200% increased damage. Since a victory is excluded, the challenge is that the boss contracts the most dots of life.

The rules for the opulence DPS challenge

Use of heart from Azeroth is prohibited
Vials, potions and other consumables are not allowed
Combat rush drums are allowed
Resuscitation items and spells are not allowed
Most players in the challenge have an item level of 240+

Which class is the boss most of the lifestyles? The resolution can be found under the video.

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The boss focuses quite a lot of damage with its automatic attacks. There are also nasty mechanics that need to be played. The group has to come together for coin rain to divide the damage suffered. Players have to run with liquid gold from the group and avoid AOE surfaces that reduce the combat area, but may also be cleaned. If the adds are not defeated in this fight, the fighting surface is also paved with plaster of AOE surfaces.

Thus, the classes cut off at the opulence DPS challenge

Place 1: Hunter (opulence brought to 17% health)
2nd place: Warrior (47%)
Space 3: Druid (50%)
4th place: Death Knight (53%)
Rank 5: Demon Hunter (54%)
Rank 6: Monk (55%)
Place 7: Rogue (57%)
8: Warlock (58%)
Rank 9: Paladin (59%)
Rank 10: priests (61%)
11 magicians (65%)
Ranked 12: Shaman (66%)

Through the violent bats and much needed leg work, carvers have a lot of armor, but especially moving hunters with their tank pets an advantage over magic classes. Hunters are with a distance in 1st place, close-up like warriors, death knight and demon hunters are lined behind. The Druiden group played with three owls and two cats. Many percentage points do not take the following classes. The least opportunities had the shaman team, which consisted of four elementary racks and a carpenter.

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