1. 1SPEEDRUN-STYLE: How fast kill your visionary?
  2. 2-reverse hard mode: have poisoned trinket!
  3. 3Wicht from the usual from: plays Rambo, Stealth and Technology
  4. 4The hunt for legendary weapons
  5. 5th online – the fun chaos with Julianna

While we played Deathloop already played through and thus know the end of time loop (moment, this makes sense?), The SCIFi shooter attracts with a charming 60s look to further excursions on the eternal island. For many things have also noticed ourselves, which ensure even with a repeated killer and a reunion with the visionaries for new fun – the key for even more game fun is there: Find variety!

Speedrun-style: How fast kill your visionary?

First of all, there is an obvious challenge, which you can give yourself: How Schlink does it manage to turn off one of the visionaries as Colt and then live therewith? Here you can quickly sweat the exciting sweat. Finally, every cooldown can wait, handle opponent patrols, together and prepare ammunition and prepare. But all that costs time. If you suddenly take the roof to the roof, with carefully selected trinkets to speed and power regeneration, you will suddenly perceive to Flash, the opponent hardly perceive. Deathloop: 5 things that you have more fun in the game (2) Source: weapons

Crazy hard mode: poisoned drinking!

Enter the District Updaam in the afternoon, there is a gift waiting for you, which is actually intended as a trap: surrounded by snipers you get from the packet of Dorsey s estate only a gray drinking called Poisoned Chalice . That has no effect, it only eludes to live regularly. Funny, this cruel joke of the game is a great way to give you a really crazy challenge: you set out this drinking, you have not only wasted a slot, but must be constantly paying attention to your life points. The playing style quickly mutates a panic search for opponents, which can be removed with vampire effect weapons or sacrobes. Anyone who has success with this trinket is in our eyes of the true deatloop expert!

differs from the usual: plays Rambo, Stealth and Technology

Who has played Deathloop (now € 49.49), who will eventually find the character build that simply makes click . For example, for editor Matthias, it was the HAVOC ability, combined with vampire SMGs – quasi unstoppable you can fight yourself by countless Eternalists. But with such a standard build you take the variety yourself. That s why we recommend that: seek procedures that would not really come to mind. Uses trinkets that chop and protect the protected navices – then issue yourself as a machine whisperer through the maps and let the automatic guns do the rest.

Alternatively, you can also deserve firearms, boost Melee damage and bring you as much defensive as possible. With Machete in the hand and lots of finishing moves you feel more like Jason from Friday the 13th! Just as you can go fully on Stealth and never try to trigger alarm. For Dishonored fans, that was probably in Deathloop s standard, but Rambo fans could have something from this variety. Who stands on Stealth, some methods are available for election: Machete Attentate, Invisibility Ability, Nail Pistol, Sound-Damped Weapons … Source: weapons

The hunt for legendary weapons

Each opponent in Deathloop drops random weapons and the visionaries even have set drops that you can rely on. But even more prestigies have the so-called legendary weapons. These get by solving puzzles and the attentive exploration of the island. Among other things, you come to a repeating shotgun or even on high-tech pistols that you can put together with a SMG:

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The only legendary weapon that can not be overlooked is probably the Constancy Automatic – Visionary Frank drops you. With it you can fire during reloading! Source: weapons on these weapons you do not encounter in the normal game at all and can never have never even retrieved it after 20 hours when the credits are running. You allow properly cool playing ways and therefore come with accidental Perks – so it is actually worthwhile to solve the puzzles several times to unlock other variants. With good luck, Julianna lets you fall. Speaking!

goes online – the fun chaos with Julianna

We regularly receive dangerous visits as Colt of Julianna, while we are on missions. Depending on the setting, this is a game-controlled opponent or even other players who attack your game. While you can switch off, so only friends can do that, you should think well. For a player-controlled Julianna represents a much more interesting challenge. And in this sense, we also need to recommend: Try yourself as Julianna! It s not so easy to bring a well-equipped Colt to the track. You can even use special tools as Julianna. It can be aware of the harmless NPC camouflage and additionally eternalists on Colt. Not only play fun, but also special skins that you can unlock for your Colt and Julianna. In online mode you can not just glory and glory, but also chic skins for Colt and Julianna! Source: weapons

How much fun did you have with Deathloop? Do you have a favorite weapon? Do you know a brilliant build combination? Betray us in the comments!

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