The open beta of Battlefield 2042 was, to say the least, a little rough, but that hordes did not abide by players to storm themselves to try out some conquests on orbital. Today, EA has published an infographic that shows some of the statistics from the beta and ensures an interesting reading.

First, EA claims that during the beta of Battlefield 2042 over 17 billion balls were fired. Although we certainly do not deny this number, we have to ask ourselves: why all over the world do you pursue? Let us come to some tangible (and more useful) statistics, we can see that the M5A3 assault rifle was the most popular weapon in the beta . No surprise was not Mackays Grappling Hook the most commonly used device, while the MD540 Nightbird helicopter was the most popular vehicle.

Speaking of Mackay, his grappling hook was fired over 111 million times during the beta, and the statistics show that compared to the devices of other available Battlefield 2042 specialists was a tremendous use.

Battlefield 2042s very own good Bois – Sorry, Rangers – were extremely popular during the beta. Apparently over 10 million of players were called on the touchpad for vehicle calls, and in the amount of robot dogs we saw around, we are not surprised by this statistic.

However, the funniest statistics relate to orbital, the only card included in the beta. While some players – like the angry editor of The PC Player 24 – ran through the entire beta without seeing one of these spectacular tornadoes, more than 94,000 players should witness.

During the schlachtfeld 2042 Open Beta you have fired over 17 billion balls, almost 11 million rangers called and jumped in almost 95,000 tornadoes ???? ️ Battlefieldbeta

  • battlefield (@Battlefield) 13 . October 2021

When it comes to Orbital s rocket, it managed to start 380:283 times successfully, but the players managed to blow them into pieces and stop the start over 58,000 times. If you are wondering how you can hunt the rocket on orbital for future references in the air, it requires only a lot of balls and tank grenades …

While the beta was clearly popular (we are honest, you can not be popular when 10.8 million good Bois were called), after which the players really look for, is the certainty that some of the biggest problems will be resolved in good time the publication date From Battlefield 2042. Next week, a blog post will be published in which the feedback of the players and the findings from the beta are discussed in detail.