The player Rextroy is known for exceptional actions in which he repeatedly shifts the boundaries of feasible in WOW and creating funny videos – for example, if he explores the world as the immortal witch champion the world or mutated to the RAID boss. In the recent video, he revives his class battles again and answered unofficially the question of who is the only true hunter in Wow: the classic hunters we have already known since Classic or yet the portrait of the demon hunters introduced with Legion?

For that, he hunts almost complete slaughter trains in the alteractal. In a predetermined area, the groups, consisting of only one class, meet each other and set in a big carnage, who beats better. Of course, the class battles, the Rextroy has already made with other classes, such as paladins and death chairs, not completely serious. Because just like here, no battlefield will run. You can always see funny.

WOW: Hunter Vs. Demon Hunter

Before you look at the video: What do you think – which class will prevail? The nimble and hypermobiles carpers or rather the rightly mobile remote fighters with arrow and bow (or spear)? If you think it will be a very clear thing, then you will be wrong in any case – but see yourself:

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How do you find such videos? Nice to watch or perfect waste of time? And which classes would you like to see in the fight against each other?

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