Contact the technical service of a company is a mess. They do not always answer, you have to talk to several people, make us wait to receive our device fixed … Would not it be better for the user I could take care of the repair ? If you have ever thought about this and you are Xbox One or Xbox Series users, it is possible that in the future you have the option, since Microsoft has begun to seriously value the repair right of the players.

Facilitating the right of repairing the players would reduce the environmental impact This right of repair is a movement with which companies are aware that provide information and internal access to the components of their devices with The goal that users can fix the technical problems that arise. In this sense, such as Adelata VGC, a group of investors has insisted enough to Microsoft so that Consider this possibility with its users, which would not only give the opportunity to streamline the entire process Repairing a console, but also would reduce the environmental impact , since the use of fuel with repaired console distributions would be avoided and by repair.

Microsoft will present the conclusions of your studies in May 2022 However, Microsoft still does not plan to implement this proposal in the near future, since at the moment it has hired a professional that investigates the advantages of this strategy. In this regard, the company will publish a summary of the conclusions extracted in May 202 , and has ensured that, in case of seeing positive aspects, it will manufacture new parts and facilitate manuals for users to repair their consoles Finals 2022 .

And, although this can be good news for players who prefer to fix their own platforms, Microsoft could get full in a dilemma . After all, it is one of the most powerful companies of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the Commercial Association of the Video Game Industry. A group that is positioned against the right of repair of the users.

Therefore, there is a possibility that Microsoft gives us the spanner to us, although it is still a panorama that it requires confirmation both from the professional in charge and, obviously, the company. At the moment, we will continue to have to go to the technical service regarding videogames, something very common with the Nintendo Switch Joy-with and its inevitable drifting problems, according to the latest considerations of the Japanese company.