Only yesterday we reported on the Xbox Mini Fridge, the malicious meme from Microsoft, the gamified refrigerator and thus the ultimate connection of video games and food intake. Ideal for saving the way to the kitchen, if you are looking for an ice-cooled energy drink – so at least the idea when you get very deep in the cliché box.

Eben the idea should also be scalper, because they have bought the Xbox Mini Fridge just a few minutes after launch to impressive quantities. As in the last year, Sony s consoles and Microsoft s consoles and Microsoft have gone some specimens at normal customers. But eBay shows that the scalper were again very hardworking.

The fight for the fridge: Scalper storm and review bombing

The Xbox Mini Fridge went to the start at Target and many other retailers, in this country, for example, he was available at Gamestop. The emphasis is on was because the small fridge was already sold out within a few minutes. Debt are not the Xbox fans, but above all greedy scalper.

Already now the Mini Fridge is to be found at horrendous prices on Ebay and who counts one and one, knows who should be responsible for it. Fans are not enthusiastic about the action and make their frustration with negative reviews air. At Target, the cooling compact unit currently has only a two-star rating for over 400 ratings. As you probably guessed, they are not all dissatisfied buyers. Already at the PS5 was observed due to poor availability similar negative reviews.

The marketing boss at Xbox and primary contact for the refrigerator, Aaron Greenberg, is not surprised about the crowd. He warned interested buyers already in advance, but also has soothing words for all those who are empty at the first cargo. As he writes on Twitter, the Mini Fridge is not limited to a limited product. Another cargo should go on sale at the beginning of next year.

The fridge can accommodate up to twelve beverage cans as well as two compartments for snacks. If you ever want to make ready for the second round in the spring: Here you will find all information about the Xbox Mini Fridge. Are you interested in a specimens despite or just because of the raindrangs?

Source: Target / Aaron Greenberg on Twitter

From Jonas Höger
19.10.2021 at 18:43