A Comic Book (sometimes translated into Spanish as a notebook) [1] or comic, is a comics publication format. It is the most used format for US comics and versions of these in other countries.

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Update from 20 October 2021:
The WoW novel Sylvanas appears only on March 29, 2022, so it is in an email that has recently left all the pre-order of the book. We had speculated a few months ago that the content of the novel contains some spoilers to the story of Shadowlands and therefore should not be published before patch 9.2. Although Blizzard s developers have assured us in an interview that the publication date of the novel has nothing to do with the release of the next big patch, the renewed delay in the network heats the rumor kitchen properly. Is Patch 9.2 with it in a long distance?

Original message of 18 June 2021:
Why did Sylvanas allied with the Chairman? These and many more questions would like to answer Blizzard now in the new WoW novel Sylvanas. The book Sylvana comes from the pen of the well-known author Christie Golden and was originally announced for November 9, 2021.

The book will not appear on 9 November, but a few months later on February 22, 2022 . This was given by Christie Golden on her twitter channel with:

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The illustration shows the two sides of Sylvana s wind runners. Source: Blizzard Possible reasons for the shift of Sylvanas novel

The new appointment could have something to do with the release of patch 9.2 or the announced blizzConline 2022. In the novel is certainly one or the other spoilers for the future story of World of Warcraft. Since the patch 9.1 had a much longer waiting, as intended, the subsequent update 9.2 will most likely delay.

In order not to anticipate important parts of the story, of course, it makes sense to postpone the publication date of the novel by a few months. This means that we can expect new story and gaming for Shadowlands only at the end of 2021 or early 2022. But do not worry, there are some short stories like Sister Is Another Word for Always (from the book World of Warcraft: Folks & Fairy Tales of Azeroth), which give us a little taste of the future story of World of Warcraft. So if you want to bridge the long wait, you should definitely lead yourself to the new WOW books.

By the way, the English audio book version of the novel is spoken by actress Patty Mattson, the voice of Sylvana s windmen in World of Warcraft. The cover picture of the book shows the two sides of Sylvanas: the forest-center generation of Silbermond and the Bansheekönigin of the abandoned. You can pre-order the book on Amazon. When the German version of Sylvanas is released is still unknown.

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