Just in the top match against BVB, Urgestein Tony Jantschke at Borussia Mönchengladbach was suddenly important in this season. Nevertheless, it is still unclear how it continues for the 31-year-old after its contract in Gladbach in the summer of 2023.

We do not know if it s all over one and a half years or not. We will probably then be put together and look at the next year, as it looks, the defensive specialist described his career planning towards the Rheinische Post .

But for the end of the career, it is actually too early: I m Topfit and do not know what, on the other hand speaks, to play longer, Jovschke led out.

The fact that he can still keep up in the set footballer age, it is also decisive in the good coach, among which he was allowed to work on the Lower Rhine.

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Through the football under Marco Rose, I did a huge step physically again. Defend the high and all that belongs to me again, Jantschke swarmed over today s BVB coach.

Gladbach profi An absolute dream job for Tony Jantschke

And another ex-coach has given him a lot for his career: If you want to keep up with the whole young players who come up now, you have to grow along. Even at 31 years you can still learn things, which has Lucien Favre already always preached.

However, regardless of whether it goes beyond 2023 at Gladbach, Jantschke promises to the end of the full commitment for the foals: With my signature, I insured Max Eberl, the best player for Borussia Mönchengladbach I can be. That is That I give in training every day full throttle. It is an absolute dream job.

The defense man is one of Gladbacher s service players and already went through the junior teams of Five Master Master. Overall, he played 233 Bundesliga games for Borussia so far. However, the last two years he was only supplementary players.