Whether you are a nostalgic video game, as if you want to live what other generations lived on days, today there are a lot of retro consoles in the market with which you can enjoy those games that, in His day, marked a time.

We are going to make you a small list with those consoles that, today, you can find in the market.

PlayStation Mini

No doubt PlayStation, it was a huge jump in the world of videogames. In addition to changing the game support, to a CD format, to the detriment of the cartridges of the time, had fairly advanced graphics and a most modern command. Its retro version Mini, today, has a catalog of 20 games, some of those who were the best on their day.

You can get it here:

Neo Geo Mini

With the NEO Geo Mini, you can mount your own recreational machine room at your home. Thanks to this console, you can emulate the best games that marked a milestone in recreation as Metal Slug, Cadillac Dinosours, Ghost & Goblins … All this, on a small portable machine that recreates what in its day the recreation was, Besides being able to play with command.

You can see it on Amazon here:

Nintendo Classic Mini

ALL 30 GAMES for Nintendo Classic Mini
The Nintendo Classic Mini was one of the first that joined the fashion of retro mini consoles and that also provides a catalog of the world s most classic the world of video games. The best games of the NES, again on the television of your house, with all the charm of the Nintendo seal.

Get the Nintendo Classic Mini here:

Megadrive Mini

Nintendo s great rival in his day, Sega, also has his own machine, the MegaDrive Mini. All the essence of the Sega classic games, which also has two controls to be able to play with friends.

And for you, what is the best retro console that currently exists? Do you have any? Do not forget to leave your comments.