Supa Strikas - Season 2 Episode 14 - Led Steppin' | Kids Cartoon
Series between Mad Lions and Damwon Kia is at stake and with all the hopes of Europe to win the indomitable LCK champion and move to semifinals. After a game where the Lions lost from the champion election phase, the second map began quite a face for those of Madrid. Elyoya did not stop besieging canyon to deny it completely in group fights. Everything seemed to go beyond all sail, but if you let a Titan grow like Damwon you could lament it enough … and that s how it was.

Damwon Kia was losing his game for enough, and they knew that the lions wanted to close the game as soon as possible. That is why they began the Baron Nashor with Kennen in the rearguard to wait for full collapse. The lions realized that someone was missing, but it was too late, since they met Kennen in the middle of their group with the definitive activated, thus destroying pro full to the Spanish set. This was how the tracewood and victory of those of Showmaker, who has lowered the hopes of Mad Lions in a few minutes of departure.

Kennen destroying European teams is nothing new, since SMEB was the executioner of G2 ESPORTS back by the 2017 when they were eliminated in groups of groups after an incredible play of Toplaner . This type of plays are quite recurrent in European teams; Specifically G2 ESPORTS at 2018 with the aatrox of theshy in semifinals and in 2020 with the bin gangplank that left them in second position in the tiebreaker for the group stage. Thus, Mad Lions stayed at the 2-0 for Koreans, causing the lions to sink completely and disconcerted those of Elyoya so they would need a miracle to overcome the game.