HiMirror Mini Premium X Review 2021

A good game mouse is one of those things that you do not realize the importance until it is too late. I barely thought about the mice I used when I was younger. But let me tell you, come on this site? Do these equipment reviews? A truly revealing experience. In simple terms, once you travel in first class, it is impossible to return to economy class. SteelSeries Mini Prime is an excellent example of this discreet quality in action. What seems to be quite simple equipment is essential when you add it to your inventory.

For starters, most mice are not delivered with hard-coded sensitivity presets. The mini premium does it very well, a small quality of life upgrade that I did not do well until it is in my hands. Now it seems quite crazy that a game mouse does not do that. Especially when the alternative consists of downloading and installing a custom software suite. Certainly, the SteelSeries software is not as intrusive as some systems I worked with. But honestly, the less you can run these programs, the better. The presets range from the speed of lightning to maybe something is wrong with the mouse? Maybe the parameters of your mouse must be a little more granular. It s just nice to have this option at all.

Touch side, the mini premium is just as sophisticated. Each click is great, while the scroll wheel is not bad either. Click feeling is another of these strange areas where you do not realize that there is a quality scale in the first place. Clicking is a click, is not it? What difference could it do? It s a little thing, that s for sure. A little more resistance, a little more definition. A slight edge of satisfaction during operation. As small as the difference, you certainly feel it. Especially when passing this new mouse to your old, for example. It s not quite first class to the economy, but it s pretty close.

Although I am rather satisfied with the construction of the mini premium, the weight and the materials make me think. A light mouse is essential if you intend to use it all day, but it raises sustainability issues. Questions I can not answer for a brief review period. What is the life of something so much in the long run? And if something was going to be the first point of failure? Fortunately, simple design means fewer pieces to break. I had problems with the handles and textures that fell in the past, so I m tired of such things now. There is nothing on the mini premium that may come off with time, which I appreciate. On the other hand, the cord that connects it to the PC is flexible and durable fabric. At least outside, there is nothing that makes me think about the life of this mouse.

Simple construction is excellent, for the most part. I am delighted that the mini premium lasts years, but it is not as complete as it could be. There are five entries in total on the device. This represents tons of options, depending on the games you play. Even two additional buttons could make a crucial difference for a mmo, for example. It is also a wired mouse, which means you never play with batteries or charges. But it also means that you constantly use a cord of more between you and your PC. Rather than a disadvantage, it is more a personal preference to consider.

Mouse purchases always start simply, but it never remains. You will soon be flooded with brands, shapes, sizes, arrangements for RGB buttons and overlays. The mini premium is not as complex or worrying as its competitors. The entrances are simple and the construction is stripped. But there is a stripped quality, like finely polished metal, which runs under the hood. I do not know if this mouse is perfect, but it could be perfect for you. Assuming you do not have the taste for excess, you may want to consider the Premium Mini SteelSeries as your next game mouse.