Xbox Cloud Gaming (formerly called Project xCloud) is Microsoft s Xbox cloud gaming service. Initially launched in beta testing in November 2019, the solution later on released for customers of Xbox Video game Pass Ultimate on September 15, 2020. Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming is given to subscribers of Ultimate at no added expense.

Xbox has brought himself into distress with a rather inconspicuous tweet: Gamers react with surprisingly biting criticism to a post, which should actually submit a positive message.

With the Game Pass, Cloud Gaming and the two different models of Xbox Series X | S, Microsoft has focused on it in recent years, to achieve as many gamers as possible on different terminals. A Tweet, with which Xbox wanted to emphasize this strategy, went back to the back – Gamer threw the company double morale.

XBox: Gaming-Tweet ensures Shitstorm

The official Xbox account on Twitter has plugged with the Tweet The Real Gaming Horror Is Gatekeeping unexpected criticism. In this context, Gatekeeping refers to the practice of excluding players from certain gaming areas – for example through platform exclusivity of games, lack of compatibility between console generations or accessibility in Games.

Gamers have quickly responded to the actually simple statement by Xbox on Twitter – and accused of the company to unjustifiably wash their own hands in innocence. Especially The acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft and the resulting Xbox exclusive titles of the publisher were given as negative examples.

Also Gamers criticize the Xbox Live Gold Fee, who need to play players for online access – and wanted to increase Microsoft this year.

Xbox Games Showcase Extended
Comment: Xbox-Tweet awkward, but criticism too hard

The Xbox Tweet can be seen from the sound as something too flat and contaminated – after all, the Xbox Twitter account primarily around a marketing tool for Microsoft and the goal was unquestionably, the company to put in a good light.

The acquisition of Bethesda and (split) own exclusive games can be disclosed as well as if the competitors Sony and Nintendo under no circumstances behave differently – whether this can be counted as a relieving factor, everyone is left to anyone.

On the other hand, Xbox has actually supported topics in recent years, but also supports accessibility, downward compatibility and mobility of gamers. The fundamental strategy thus seems to be a focus on fewer borders and exclusion causes for gamers – but maybe simply would be better if they were transported by silent deeds instead of sublime tweets.

In our video we show you all the important information about the Xbox Series X | S:

Microsoft has actually made an uncontrolled statement on Twitter – and thus drawn the anger of some gamers. However, the reactions are partly too hard in their criticism.