More features for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Through the official blog of the platform, Microsoft hXbox Series announced that its machines will integrate Twitch in the future, so that will be eXbox Seriesier to do streamings from the consoles. Xbox Series usual, the first to try it will be the members of the Xbox Insider program, through Update Preview, a firmware update that will add some extra features.

Insiders will be able to try Streaming on Twitch from the Capture and Share menu. There you can select the streaming, although you will need to link your Twitch and Xbox account by means of a mobile device or in the console configuration options. Once this process is done, press the Go Live Now button to start transmitting your game on Twitch. The Redmond warns that this feature only emits Gameplay, so spectators will see the pause menu if the user navigates for the home or uses another app.

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Xbox and @Twitch Are Teaming Up to make live streaming from your Xbox EXbox Seriesier Than Ever. Insiders, Starting Today You Can Access Twitch Directly from The Guide and Manage Your Setup in a Few Simple Steps

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X / S series games in one thanks to the cloud

Another important novelties of this Preview is that players will have the opportunity to play Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S titles in Xbox One, of course by cloud technology. Developers have also implemented some corrections and are monitoring other additional problems.

And when will it be available the update for everyone? At the moment nothing hXbox Series been said about it, so we will have to wait for official communication to occur. Even so, with the tests underway, it should not be delayed too long.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S went on sale in November 2020. However, the supply problems derived from the semiconductor scarcity are still worrisome and it does not seem to be solved in the short term.