This is a checklist of games for the Xbox video clip game console.

Indestiny 2 comes today, on October 28, a new update to PS4, PS5, the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, on the PC and Google Stadia. The hotfix could solve some problems that occurred over the last few weeks. The most important times and information gets you here on Meinmmo.

You have to know today: Bungie has announced a hotfix for today s Thursday, October 28th. In the last TWAB, they wrote some well-known mistakes that still need to fix the bungie. This includes:

The eyes of the Skerren Corvus mask no longer glow.
The one-inch punch finisher is played without sound when executed.
Some players could be displayed in invisible or charging for a long time.

These and some more could be resolved with the new hotfix.

So that you know exactly when you can gamble and what everything changes in the game, I accompany mymmo through hotfix and always updates this article with fresh info.

Maintenance on 28.10. – All times and server-down

These times are important today:

At 18:00 German time, the maintenance work on all platforms start.
From 18:45 o clock the servers are then offline. You will be kicked out of all activities and the downtime starts.
Expected at 19:00 clock the servers are online again and the hotfix rolls out worldwide
Have you downloaded the update (and copied), you can play again Destiny 2.
At 20:00, the maintenance will end up planning.

It is important: Even if you loaded the update, it can come to connection problems until the end of the maintenance work at around 20:00. You may need to expect queues when logging. Also consider that third-party applications and also the official companion app can not be reached correctly.

This changes with Hotfix in Season 15

This brings the hotfix today: The patch notes are not yet known. If Bungie should publish these, we will complement them for you.

So that you do not get boring during the downtime:

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Caution! In Destiny 2, you have disadvantages if your hardware is too good

Bungie NERFS Telesto HARD! Hotfix

patch notes for hotfix in Destiny 2

What s in the patch Notes ? The comprehensive list of all changes from Hotfix releases bungie in the form of patch notes.

Traditionally, the info together with the update itself appear. If the patches are notes, we will inform you all the information in this regard.

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