Bungie has pushed out a new hotfix for Destiny 2 which aims to fix an array of competitive play issues, most significantly for Trials of Osiris. The spot notes for upgrade information that the hotfix has settled numerous gameplay pests, while also adding new changes to Telesto.

With the most up to date hotfix, the Telesto– which has actually been pestered countless times and also lately had to be taken offline — now makes it so you can t connect its projectiles onto your teammates, they do not stay in the setting for as lengthy, as well as you can t shoot them to detonate them.

Other updates consist of an adjustment to just how Mini Screebs from the Festering Rupture modifier are networked, now giving an extra consistent experience. For Trials of Osiris, in addition to throughout various other matchmade activities, gamers ought to no longer encounter mistakes if other gamers stopped between rounds.

Destiny 2 Update spot notes.



Transformed just how Mini Screebs from the Festering Rupture modifier are networked to provide an extra regular experience.
This must prevent mini-screebs from tunneling into the ground and finishing or else best Nightfall runs.

Trials Win Changes, Telesto NERFED, and Iron Banner (TWAB) | Destiny 2 Season of the Lost

Trials of Osiris (and also various other matchmade tasks) should no much longer set off Baboon mistakes if players quit between rounds or during a hard clean.



Updated the description of the Peak Seasonal Difficulty to far better straight gamers to Pinnacle-tiered incentives.


Repaired some problems with Telesto (Editor s Note: Restart the clock).
No much longer connects to allies, will instead influence and detonate.
Screws can no more be shot as well as destroyed.
Decrease the screw life time from 10 secs to ~ 5 seconds when generated on the environment (distance to enemies still detonates).



Repaired a concern that allowed allied players to be damaged and also iced up by Ruby Lance.
Took care of a concern where even more Sentinel Guard extremely power was being drained pipes by Scorn sniper strikes than intended.

Fate 2 s following expansion, The Witch Queen, is readied to introduce on February 22, 2022. The growth will certainly introduce new tale content rotating around the Savathun as well as the occasions adhering to Season of the Lost, together with brand-new opponents, weapon crafting, and also much more.