The Cheer Champion breaks his chains, destroys the judge in Oribos and disappears with Anduin by an ominous portal into an uncertain direction. Zovaal s goal is clear, the villain apart from the tomb of the first and the secrets of the Creator. Now the fate of the entire universe is in the hands of our heroes. But while we set up for the next battle against the chairmaster, another, no less exciting story is in the background. Because only a few heroes has not yet noticed the arrival of a silent observer in Oribos. Who is this agent? What is his mission? And what role does the lost ornament Khadgar play in this confused story?

The flight of the raven

Have you ever looked around in Oribos? So you are not just fooling, but did the happen in the city observed attentively? In Oribos there are many secrets, no question. For example, the mediates that pursue their dubious transactions in the subsoil of Oribos would be. The many ambassadors of the pact frolic in the streets, and something outside goes to the staff and the fate writer of their work. After the push to Korthia, the capital of the Shadowlands bursts all seams. Clear that because one or other new visitors from Azeroth does not stand up. This also includes a mysterious raven that has always emerged since the beginning of Shadowlands on the outer Ring of Oribos and focuses on the portal to Revedreth. The bird watches the gate into the kingdom of the Venthyr for a while until he leaves his post towards Revendrth. Good, a small raven that gets lost to Oribos, does not sound like a spectacular story. But you look more closely the bird, then reveals his nameplate that he is elite and humanoid and belongs to the Kirin Tor. Who hides behind the mask of a watchful raven?

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A magical raven. The Kirin Gate. Well, rings there something? There is only one person in Azeroth, who likes to be riding around in the form of a raven and belongs to the Kirin Tor magician – exactly, Khadgar! Instead of enjoying his retirement in Karazhan, the Archmagian secretly followed us in the Shadowlands. In contrast to the other well-known heroes like Bolvar, Khadgar decided to stay in secret. His decision to observe the shadowland from a safe distance appears strange. Finally, not only is the fate of Azeroths, but that of the entire universe on the game. The Iron Horde and the Burning Legion, which Khadgar once almost eagerly fought, were a joke compared to the Chairman who wants to throw the cosmic order overboard. In Shadowlands it s about naked survival, but Khadgar remains away from the fight.

The big puzzle

Khadgar is a mystery and there are so many questions about its motives that we can not say exactly what drives the archmagier. But we stay with the watchful raven, which seems like nothing in Oribos and then disappears again. To solve this tricky puzzle, we have to follow him after Revendreth. It seems that Khadgar is looking for something or someone. And this mission seems to be more important to him than the hunt for Anduin and the Chairman.

Now that Revendreth is a hot plaster, every hero is now known. Count Denathrius, the ruler of Revendreth, allied secretly with the chairmaster and led all the collected Anima from his castle into the Schlund. Finally, Zovaal drew enough force from this anime stream to blow up the last chains that bound him to the Schlund. The count had to pay for this betrayal, yet Denathrius history with his banishment after fall of falls was far from end.

Harbingers: A História de Hadggar
The Nathrezim

Mal ganis and his Nathrezim donated a lot of chaos in Revendreth and liberated Denathrius from his Lightsfight in sins. Source: Blizzard shortly after the storm at Nathria Castle, a lot of horror lords hit in Revendreth. These dark journeyers differed from the classic Nathrezim, which served in the ranks of the burning legion. Instead of demonic armor, they wore fine robes that resembled much more the making clothes of the Venthyr. It was not a big surprise, finally we learned in Shadowlands that Count Denathrius created the Nathrezim. Consequently, they were no demons, but his children. In a secret report to Denathrius, which we happened to found in the tower of unseen guests in Revendreth, stands that the Nathrezim has successfully infiltrated all cosmic domains. The horror lords have not served the burning legion nor the chairmaster. Your loyalty applies exclusively to your father – Denathrius, who plays its own intrigue game in Shadowlands. If Khadgar has traveled to Revendrth, then he will know about the big game of Count. The big question that the WoW community currently employs is: Found Khadgar in Karazhan something about Denathrius plans out? And what exactly is the archmagier looking for in Revendreth?

The long arm of the count

That Khadgar tracks the horror lords (and not Zovaal) shows us how seriously the situation is. The Nathrezim has proven several times in the last millennia that they are the true handlebars of history. In the book enemy infiltration, black is on white that you manipulate Sargeras and have the Titan Pantheon. The burning legion as well as the creation of the scourge and Lichkönig also go to the cap of the horror lords. The powers of the emptiness could not escape the influence of Nathrezim. However, the greatest danger is at the moment from a horror lord, which interjected the light. His name is a lothraxion and its intrigue game could override azeroth into the abyss.

Turalyon is dangerous!

Allia, Turalyon and Khadgar have experienced adventure in the shard world. Finished the faction war in Battle for Azeroth your friendship? Source: Blizzard Lothraxion is not a purified Nathrezim, but a secretive s secretive agent. Source: Nathrezim on Lothraxion we met for the first time in Legion. The Schreckenslord is a true curiosity because he followed himself to the light and followed his teachings. Moreover, he is a trusted of Turalyon and is thus part of the commander of the Army of Light. There are no more doubt that he is the said agent who wandered the light on behalf of the Count. Imagine what lothraxion could do with the power of Xenedar in Azeroth. His reputation in the army of light is perfect and his words are heard at Turalyon anytime. And exactly this friendship carries great danger! Turalyon is currently sitting on the throne of Stormwind and commands the compulsory powers of the Alliance and the Army of Light. What happens if Lothraxion convinces the exorch that Azeroth has to be recaptured and purified again?

Considering that Turalyon Azeroth left a long time ago and the Horde is still the greatest enemy for him. The fire of Teldrassil was only a further proof that the Horde needs to be destroyed. In this heated mood, it would be a lightweight, Turalyon s mind with all sorts of lies for lothraxion and to move a tyrannical state state to build.

Collect Khadgar at the moment in Revendreth evidence to expose Lothraxion as Denathrius agents? Or is the archmagier of a larger conspiracy on the track? In contrast to Turalyon, Khadgar is a great visionary that can overdose and assess all power structures in the cosmos. No matter how the story ended at the end of Shadowlands, Khadgar will not be released to his fate.

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