Xbox, also called Classical Xbox, is a desktop video console of the sixth generation of consoles produced by Microsoft and the first of this company, in collaboration with Intel. Its main feature is its central processor based on the Intel Pentium III processor. The system also incorporates a DVD player, an internal hard drive, an Ethernet port, and finally the system has four connectors for controls. The units sold from this team were 24,000 000 consoles, according to the official figures. [Appointment required]

Xbox is finally solving one of the strangest problems in Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with a future update. Users of headphones in PS4 and PS5 will know that when you connect your headphones to your controller, there is an option to mute the TV. In fact, you can make the TV automatically silence when you connect your headphones. For the reason it is, you can not do this on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. rather, when you connect your headphones, the audio comes through both, which means that the only way to stop the audio arriving through The TV is to silence it manually. Obviously, this is less than ideal.

It is not clear how Xbox has overlooked this for so long, but finally is addressing the problem. This week, a new Xbox Insiders update was launched that provided a new optimized audio configuration experience… with new features such as mute audio speaker when headphones are connected; and a new page of audio tests and details ».

Now, when this update will be launched at the widest base of Xbox, we do not know. Xbox does not say it, but usually when Xbox Insiders members receive updates, these updates arrive at the general public shortly after.

In addition to this, the new update of Xbox Insiders also makes some important improvements in the field of accessibility.

«The first round of testing for Daltonic filters is being launched for users of Xbox Series X consoles | S », writes Xbox on update and function. «This function is flying with the intention of allowing people with coloring or visual color deficiency to explore more current games, as well as titles in the previous Xbox catalog that were previously inaccessible to Daltonism. While some games implement similarly similar filters, this new feature applies globally to everything in Xbox Series X | S, including all games, movies, applications, menus, etc. It also supports multiple shapes of daltonism and filters can be adjusted according to your preferences without affecting performance, screenshots or game clips. «

Xbox Series X headset issue
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