Who would not want to interpret Dr. Who? L A series of the BBC is one of the most longevas in the world and one of the most beloved by the fans of television and science fiction and, now that Jodie Whittaker has become the first woman in Interpreting the doctor, has opened even more doors to more interpreters.

For example, the veteran Lucy Lawless, who already knows about what is to work on a mythical television series, because for years it was Xena, the warrior princess, and now wants to give life to Dr. Who and among the reasons that Esgrime is the great sense of humor of the British series.

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Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor talk about My Life Is Murder, Xena: Warrior Princess and much more!
You said it and now I want to do it, said Lawless between laughter in an interview with Newsweek, Normally you want the papers that have some humor, because they make the day you spend faster. It is always wonderful. Work with comedy, confessed the actress that currently works in the Crime Series, My Life is Murder.

And is that now it would be one of the best moments to start at Dr. Who, because is going to return, Russell T. Davis, one of the best valued series Showruners, after the March of Jodie Whittaker, who leaves Orphaned the role of Doctor, and Chris Chibnall, the Showrunner that has accompanied him over the past five years.

In 2017 I opened the surprise box of shoes of size 13 without imagining the brilliant adventures and worlds and wonders that I was going to see in them. My heart is full of love for this program, for the team that does it, by The fans who see him, and for all he has brought to my life, he said goodbye whittaker of the character in a statement after knowing that it was his last season as Dr. Who.

And you, who do you think would fit into the role of the doctor traveling at the TARDIS ? A woman with warrior skills like Lawless or maybe some other interpreter?