From the 2nd of November you can buy anxbox Series X in the subscription. Meinmmo introduces you the offer more closely.

Microsoft presented a new subscription model today with Xbox ALCCESS. The special feature is that you also get a console next to the Game Pass.

Meinmmo introduces you the new system more closely and reveals if that could be worthwhile for you.

From the 2nd of November you get an Xbox Series X in the subscription

What is Xbox ALL ACCESS? This is a new subscription model. These are included

An Xbox console (Series X or S)
The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with around 100 games that you can gamble on the PC or Xbox.

What does Xbox All Access? Basically, it is important to what console wants you to have. The subscription with the Xbox Series X is slightly more expensive while you get the subscription cheaper with the Series S. You pay for both models monthly for the console and the Game Pass.

The console is allowed to keep her at the end of the subscription.

Xbox ALL ACCESS with Xbox Series S:

Xbox Series S console
24 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (including all the benefits of EA Play, Xbox Cloud
Gaming and Xbox Live Gold)
Costs: 24.99 euros per month for 24 months
No additional costs

Xbox ALL Access with Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X
24 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (including all the benefits of EA Play, Xbox Cloudgaming and Xbox Live Gold)
Costs: 32.99 euros per month for 24 months
No additional costs

The Xbox Series X | S gets you directly with the retailer or online

How do I get my Xbox Series X | S? Microsoft works with various retailers to be able to offer the offer in Germany. The first dealer is Cyberport. Here you can acquire from 2 November both in the branches and online Xbox All Access.

Microsoft had already explained that further dealers will follow in the future. Once more traders come, we will update our article for you.

What about Austria and Switzerland? If you should live in Switzerland or Austria, then you still have to be patient. From 2022 Xbox All Access should then be available in these countries. We keep you up to date as soon as we know more.

XBox Series X | S in the subscription – is that worthwhile?

How good is the offer? In the following, we show you how much you would pay individually for Game Pass Ultimate and Series X individually. Then we explain to you, for whom the offer could be worthwhile.

News paid her for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12.99 euros a month.
For the Xbox Series X you have at the present time (as of: November 2, 2021) pay 499 euros.
Added together, get her to 791.76 euros.

Do you buy cheaper subscription on Xbox All Access, you ll get the console actually around 30 euros, as if you were the Xbox Series X the console directly buy at retail. If you offer him want to set the Game Pass anyway, then the offer for you is worth more than ever.

In the Xbox Series S it looks a little different. Here you pay for the console in the subscription a total of only 288 euros (12 euros by 24 months), retail and online gets her Xbox Series S but already for 222 euros, thus saving not necessarily in contrast to the X Series.

Whether the Xbox Series S actually worthwhile for gamers, we will tell you about MeinMMO the following article. Here you also once again exactly where the differences between the two models are.

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