According to the Analyst Daniel Ahmad, the Xbox Series X | S has now sold eight million times and the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers has risen to over 20 million players.

In a summary of the latest Xbox sales figures from Microsoft s Result Report, Ahmad gave estimates for the Xbox Series X | S, the Xbox Game Pass and other parts of the Xbox business. Microsoft s own report did not contain any detailed information on hardware sales or Game passport numbers, and so Ahmads estimates are currently the only tangible.

Microsoft has never announced a concrete sales number for the Xbox Series X | S, and the last official game pass subscriber number was named with 18 million members in January 2021.

In Summary:

  • Xbox Series X | S Sell in Is Now Over 8m (Estimate)
  • Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions Are Over 20m (Estimate)
  • Series X | S Hardware Still Supply Constrained Overall
  • Content & Services is the Long Term Driver of Growth + Will Grow This Holiday Thanks to Halo.

  • Daniel Ahmad (@zhugex) October 27, 2021

Microsoft announced in its default notification that the Xbox hardware sales have risen by 166% over the past three months due to the strong demand for the Xbox Series X | S. The company also said that the number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers has risen, but did not call official numbers.

Microsoft s Game Section achieved sales of 3.6 billion US dollars in the third quarter of 2021, which was the largest July-September quarter so far.

CEO Satya Nadella said that the Xbox division has set up records in monetization and commitment during this period, and in the future, with views of Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, as well as the expansion of Xbox Cloud Gaming, a growth is expected.

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In total, Microsoft recorded sales of $ 45.3 billion (plus 22 percent) in the third quarter completed on September 30, 2021. On the revenue side, Microsoft made a profit of $ 20.5 billion.