In recent years, I spent a lot of playing time on the Xbox. Insanely much. The fit of the controller has literally burned into my palms, Microsoft s consoles acquiesced always better than the PlayStation in my setup one. With a monitor and the Xbox 360 I went the first steps towards HD, then still a VGA port that the PS3 did not notice. ENTIRE compatibility was once a virtue and it still is today. The Xbox consoles support as only the variable frame rate and resolution of my WQHD displays, more titles than on the PS5 can be divided into 120 Hz enjoy.

In it, the Xbox is currently the King: No matter what the screen I play, I always get offered the best possible appearance. If I could still enjoy in true next-gen titles this now, I would be happy.

This item is part of our Find Your Next Game: Hardware Edition Week, in which titles Xbox, and everything revolves around hardware. Even more items can be found on our overview page.

Exclusive Blockbuster still missing

Exclusive games always used as a guide to what can make a console if their hardware is completely exhausted. In the Xbox Series X Microsoft is in this regard, however, just not from the slippers. Forza Horizon 5 will indeed soon prescribe a general direction for the future to further future highlights such Hellblade 2, Perfect Dark Fable or missing but so far all the material.

Clearly, due to the Corona pandemic, many plans have shifted, the competition could nevertheless much better position. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Returnal and Demon s Souls give a good taste of what will be possible even on the PlayStation 5, Horizon: Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok not be long in coming. In the Xbox Series X we fall, however, largely unknown.

lead in ray tracing

In January, after all the horror game The medium appeared time exclusively for the Xbox. How powerful the hardware of Series X may be settled, at least guess – two worlds are rendered parallel, ray tracing is for reflections used. Meanwhile, it has also managed the title on the PlayStation 5, interestingly, with reduced graphic details.

Surprisingly, the benefits of Xbox are: The APU Series X has the largest number of ray-tracing accelerators installed all new consoles. This is also reflected in the low performance. use on the Series X Games that use the complex light rays calculation, compared to the PS5 versions higher resolution, including Metro: Exodus, or offer a more stable frame rate, such as Resident Evil Village.

In all classically rendered titles Xbox Series X are and PS5 but very close to each other – but it stands out a trend suggesting that the Xbox can show off in special exceptions with a minimally higher resolution, for example, when 120-Hz mode of Doom: Eternal.

classic best quality

The backward compatibility of the current Xbox generation is simply excellent, Microsoft s effort after receiving his video game history worthy of all honor. therefore FPS Boost fits perfectly into the concept that we can experience many older titles at a higher frame rate.

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The trick behind this is quite simple actually: FPS Boost manipulates the output values ​​of the graphical interface. As game engines are designed very differently, however, an enormous test effort is necessary to clarify that physics, AI and animation with the higher frame rate still work.

Since the last drop in July (Dark Souls 3), it is unfortunately silent become to the FPS Boost. Hopefully not for long.

system updates are limited to improvements

Since the operating system of Xbox consoles is already maintained over many years, the new devices are absolute all-rounder. Whether multimedia formats or new screen technologies such as variable frame rates, there is hardly anything that is not compatible with the Xbox. The most essential change is as even the current October-update, which is a highlight in the dashboard 4K finite. It s about high time!

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Dolby Vision is only available on the Xbox: Are you in possession of a compatible TV, you can use on the Xbox Dolby Vision. The HDR format rises from HDR10 by providing every scene with its own color intensity metadata. Movies and series are even more livelier and contrasting. For some time, the Xbox has been supporting Dolby Vision Gaming in addition. However, the effect is behavior because the basic brightness of games is rendered independently of the output format.

Professional reports even speak of almost identical results, at least unless your TV has calibrated perfectly. The color preferences of many TV devices are mostly balanced for Dolby Vision, according to the experts of HDTVTtest, at HDR10 you have to readjust as the default values ​​are set too low.

The Xbox Series S mouss slowly, but could not shine as a Next-Gen console

In November of last year, I brought little to the Xbox Series S in our test of the console. There were hardly any optimized games available, downward-compatible top titles used the Xbox-One-S versions as the basis. This has improved with time, visual delicacies like a plague tale: Innocence, Doom: Eternal or Control now look at the favorable console chic and play fluid.

Ray Tracing remains an experiment: In the Xbox Series S, Power slumbers when it is retrieved. Within the year, however, it has been shown that the low number of ray-tracing units ensures that the light beam calculation on the Series S is hardly used. In a few titles, such as Watch Dogs: Legion, I discovered ray-tracing reflections, but at very low resolution. Largely, the feature of the big sister is reserved.

Metro: Exodus then made it clear that Ray Tracing with conventional techniques on the Xbox Series S probably will hardly take an important role. The upgrade for the new generation uses ray tracing for the global lighting system. Despite the high calculation load, the Series S creates 60 fps, but the disadvantages are engraving: a very low resolution under 720p, massively reduced graphic details and savings in transparent shades such as fire.

Scaling procedures such as AMD s Fidelity FX Super Resolution could release further resources and ensure an increase in image quality. Previous experiences make it clear that the image reconstruction in higher resolutions due to the greater information base is more likely to work much better than low resolutions. With regard to the effects on the Xbox Series S, I therefore am skeptical.

I wish for the future

Chris Werian

At the Series X, I hardly see a catching demand, hardware like software look robust and future-proof. For the Xbox Series S, however, I hope that the number of optimized games continues to rise, it can also be older titles.

Really important to me would be a few exclusive highlights, which show how next gene can look on a Microsoft console. At the PS5, I have a good idea where the journey goes, the separation from the PS4 is clearly clearer there.

In contrast, Xbox Series X still feels like a Quality-of-Life Refresh analogue to the Xbox One X. Whereby this status did not abort the success, just like the PS5, Microsoft s high-end console is constantly outlined. It will probably not change that fast, the demand will remain high for the time being that the tense situation of the large chip producers will improve next year, is almost excluded.

Which exclusive game could move to buying an Xbox?