[Data provided: Riot Games]

Riot Games s (TFT) (TFT) will release the sixth set of machinery and devices and disclose new promotional videos and sound sources. New Source Machines and Devices participated by singer Haha and Bib participated in the Machinery and Device New Source will continue to open the opening of Dutch: with addictive hooks and rhythms.

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New Promotional Sounds Owned Door was inspired by the double-up mode, which was first introduced with set 6. The double-up mode, which is released on the 17th, is a mode that shares one physical fitness with colleagues, and two players are able to play with each other, or if you have finished playing on your own board, you can help you play with your colleagues.

The characteristics of these double-up mode were replaced with the word you and me and the two, the or the, and the GUI, and the In addition, the addictive and rhythmic and repetitive hooks are characterized by the addictive and rhythm of being referred to once.

New promotional videos are fun to find MIM, MIM, Field Over in the background of Set 6. Fill over is also a background of Riot Games s first animation series Arcane. Following the Mini Champion Jinx, the Mini Champion Eco, Hay mama, who follows Son Heung-min, Ego, a mini champion Biko, a mini champion BYO, who participated in the game, and the mini champion By, etc. not only, It seems to be a pleasant image that can be.

The new contents of set 6 can also be easily grasped through the image. In addition to magic engineering enhancement, mini champion grains, By, Eco and their representative weapons, several elements of set 6, such as double-up mode, such as new modes, such as new mode,

On the other hand, the set 6 applied to the magic engineering enhancement that affects all the elements in the game is a new experience to the player. Set 6 was updated on November 3rd.

This promotional video may look back many times in the fun of finding a hidden meme in the video, said, This will show you a variety of ways to play games in the game. I will maximize fun.

Detailed information on and new sets machines and devices can be found through the Official Homepage.