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A new, and quite important, Assassin s Creed Valhalla The update is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X along with patch notes that reveal and detail everything that does the update. And as you can see through the patch notes below, the update includes new content, new functions, game improvements and, of course, many error corrections.

Nicknamed Title 1.4.0 update, the new patch requires a discharge that varies according to the platform. In Xbox One, the patch is 20 GB, while on Xbox Series X | S is 25 GB. Meanwhile, the file size of the PS4 is only 4.55 GB, while the PS5 is only a little larger with 6.75. And finally, in PC, the update is 20.31 GB. At the time of publication, it is not clear why the update is much smaller on the PlayStation platforms.

Next, you can check the full update and official patch notes, Ubisoft courtesy:

New content:

Tombs of the fallen

Four new tombs of the fallen at the game were added.

EVERYTHING NEW In The Discovery Tour Update - Assassin's Creed Valhalla Update (AC Valhalla Update)
Four tombs centered on riddles expect to be discovered throughout England. Did someone say Odin Rune?
Unlock two new trophies / achievements when completing one or three tombs of the fallen, respectively.
Access requirements: This content is available when unlocking the settlement through the main history.

Korea Festival — Odin Wild Hunting

New abilities:

Perfect stop: stop LB / L1 / Q at the last moment to inflict additional damage to the attacker.
Master Counter Roll: Add a hidden leaf stroke while running a counter Roll.
Improved arc stunning shot: When starting the arc stunning auction, arrows will now be triggered to all the environed enemies in sight.

Game improvements:

Main missions, global events and parallel activities

You can not interact with Ahead.
Unable to escort transportation in the mission old friends, the score was not moved.
Cavalier / Heavy Cavalry stopped fighting when the player was mounted on a horse and was further.
Basis and Sigurd did not follow the player in Brewing Rebellion.
Quest NPC could be below the world in Then of Lincoln.
Cordial invitation could not be started due to a dead NPC.
Orig Never death did not appear at Hordafylke.
Could not be interacted with the NPC during the EDMUND global arrow event.
The boss could not be defeated in Binding Fate because they appeared underground.
The celebration of «New Avenge Quest» appeared repeatedly on the screen when looting or interacting with objects close to the arcade of revenge without resuming the mission.
Arc of Élan can not be collected in the communal house.
The exploration area did not disappear when tracking another mission.
Discovery Tour: Viking Age: The objective of the mission was not updated in barter for peace.
Inversions on the river: fish were eliminated to balance the availability of rations.
Wrath of the druids: You can not interact with the letter at the Senna Flank store during the Courting the Kings mission.

How to play

Battle cry did not affect alpha animals during fights.
Vibration or haptic feedback is missing in PS5 after version 1.3.2.
Level 2 ax fury did not receive the expected skill modifiers.
Numerous behavior problems of NPCs.
The advantages of weapons are not activated correctly or activated outside the planned conditions.
Numerous cutting problems.
The update of some 1H swords could cost more than others.
Animals did not enter the stunned posture emptying their defense bar with melee attacks.
You could see the fish teleporting when fishing under certain conditions.
Helmets can still be displayed during some scenes, even when they are not foreseen.
Ivor could not make a turn forward when jumping from a height using M & K.
Players can now alternate the walking / running status during the automatic movement.


Numerous problems of narration of the menu.
Numerous problems of UI / HUD.
NEW Search Alert Constant from the title update 1.3.1.
Discovery Tour: Viking Age: The game time at Discovery Tour is displayed as 0 hours on the game menu.
The Discovery Tour emerging window: Viking Age — Discovery Sites and Behind The Scenes is present during the Film Introduction in Seaworthy.
The level scale options showed no correct values ​​for the River RAID section in the Missions Registry.

Graphics, Animation and Audio

Numerous problems of graphics, texture, animation or lighting. Numerous problems in Dalton mode. Improvements in some crow textures. World Examples of floating or lost textures or objects. Cases in which Ivor, NPC or Dakar would stick. Performance and stability Improved performance and stability Assassin s Creed Valhalla is available through Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more information, click here.