Today, the Xbox Series X celebrates its first birthday. On November 10, 2020, the new console of Microsoft was released in the USA.

Xbox Series X: 1 YEAR LATER

Since the release, the Xbox Series X and also the Xbox Series S and more players worldwide with a first-class hardware (if they have to have), impressive accessories, exemplary accessibility, great first party games and an Xbox Game passport Offer, which seeks its kind.

With psychopath 2, the Microsoft Flight Simulator, Fora Horizon 5, Age of Empires IV, the upcoming Halo Infinite and other already published titles, Microsoft was able to set up very well this year.

The future looks with Avowed, State of Decay 3, Fora Motorsport, Perfect Dark Reboot, Fable, Indiana Jones, The Elder Scrolls VI, Star field, Pratfall and many other exclusive games that have hitherto unannounced in hidden lurks, also promising.

The best for gamers around the world, however, is that all mentioned games (and many more) are published directly from the first day in the Xbox Game Pass. Thanks to the subscription service, players around the world have been able to explore so completely new worlds, discovering foreign genres for themselves and so many Indie masterpieces even play on the go via Cloud.

And, if not everything was perfect or running, Microsoft has made a first-class job in the first year of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S and initiated the next console generation on a grandiose way.

The year 2021 seals the 20th anniversary of the Xbox — but this is just the beginning and the new foundation of a completely new Xbox era!

On Xbox players come to some exciting years and decades that we hopefully share and experience together full of anticipation.

What function of the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S has convinced you most?
Which Xbox game for Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S has so far impressed you?