Cyclists Republic is a severe sporting activities video clip game created by Ubisoft Annecy and modified by Ubisoft, released on October 28, 2021, on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S.

Play and stay fit at the same time: A new exercise bike can be connected to the Xbox Series X | S and use as a kind of full-body controller. However, the fitness bike is probably not favorable — but it will probably cost significantly more than the console itself.

The Poverty Tiltybike is a new exercise bike, with which you can cycle in your own four walls. But unlike other fitness bikes, you can connect it with your Xbox Series X | S and use as a controller. The Tilt bike should appear 2022.

Xbox: Bicycle Controller for Fitness Fans

With the Poverty Tiltybike comes 2022 a hot candidate on the most unusual controller — at least in this console generation. The indoor bike should have all sorts of advanced technology such as cream relief and inclination, which aims to convey a particularly realistic driving. In addition, the wheel in the handlebars has built-in joysticks, with which their games can gamble.

Show the trailer for the Tilt bike here in the video:

As can be seen in the YouTube video, the Poverty Tilt bike can connect with an Xbox Series X | S and Fits using as a controller for cycling game Descender, which is currently available in Game Pass Membership. (Source: Firebox)

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Gaming Bike: Release 2022, price still unknown

Currently, more detailed information about the release and the price of the Tilt bikes are not yet publicly known — but the indoor wheel should be classified at the upper end of the Smart bike Raise. Thus, a price could be realistic in the range of 2,500 euros and beyond.

In addition, it is also not known if the bike can control next to decidedly cycling games like Descender also other games on the Xbox.

In our picture section we show you the 15 bizarre controllers of the video game history:

The Poverty Tiltybike should be connected to Xbox Series X | S and can act as an unusual full-body controller. More detailed information is currently still RAR, but the indoor wheel should come in the sale 2022.