The Xbox Series X is actually sold widely. But with Xbox All Access there is a new option to come to the console. Here you can find all the information on the price and availability of the Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X is difficult to get hold of the free market, but with Xbox All Access Microsoft provides gamers in Germany now have a new opportunity to: You can you Console bundled with a game-pass Ultimate membership secure and pay off as with a mobile phone contract for 24 months in installments (EUR 32.99 per month). The offer is currently available at Cyberpunk, more stores will follow in the future. In Austria and Switzerland Xbox All Access is to be introduced 2,022nd

See Xbox All Access at Cyberpunk

Xbox Series X online: online retailers in the overview

In recent weeks, the availability of the Xbox Series X has improved significantly. Although the console is still nowhere permanently available, but always selective and no longer only for a few seconds or minutes, but sometimes several hours. Our tip: Check regularly from these retailers by.

Xbox Series X at dealerships

Xbox Series X from Amazon (currently sold out)
Xbox Series X at Eugenics (currently sold out)
Xbox Series X at Media Market (sold to date)
Xbox Series X in gasoline (currently sold out)
Xbox Series X at Saturn (currently sold out)
Deals on the Xbox Series X (new or used) on eBay

Xbox Series S order

The smaller Xbox Series S without disc drive, and with less computing power is now available in width, often with a small discount:

Xbox Series S for 279.99 euros on Amazon
Xbox Series S at Cyberpunk for 289.00 Euro
Xbox Series S at Eugenics for 299.00 Euro
Xbox Series S at Media Market for 289.99 Euro
Xbox Series S in gasoline for 289.00 Euro

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Xbox Series S at Saturn for 289.99 Euro
Deals on the Xbox Series S (new, used or reconditioned) on eBay

In our review article you will find all other information about the release, price and design of the Xbox Series X.

Our video shows you the best accessory for the Xbox Series X before:

Xbox Series X Buy: The right accessories for the console

For the real next gen experience with the Xbox Series X you need also the right accessories. These articles should you look more closely you so again:

Xbox accessories

Xbox Series X controller at Amazon for 64.99 euros
Seagate memory card Xbox Series X | S 1 TB SSD, NVMe Expansion SSD at Amazon for 205.00 euros
Xbox Play & Charge kit at Saturn for 22.38 euros (sold to date)

Thus, the power of the Xbox Series X to its best advantage, you of course also need the right 4K TV. Here are our Next Gen -Favorite:

TV for Xbox Series X

How To Buy a PS5 or Xbox from Amazon - Online Buying Guide and Tips

LG OLED55CX9LA (55 inches) at Amazon (currently out of stock)
Samsung LED 4K Q80T (65 inches) at Amazon (currently sold out)
SONY KD-55XH9005 LED TV (55 inches) at Media Market for 829.00 Euro instead of 1199 Euro

Xbox Series X Order: Console Bundles not yet available

For Xbox Series X no console bundles available today. If the console is widely available again, but is expected to change this. When the first Xbox Series X bundles, are offered, we will inform you of course at this point about it.

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