According to reports, Microsoft is bringing back a favorite Xbox 360 game from fans through Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. The Xbox 360 era was a good era for Xbox, who launched a wide range of great games, Included 1 against 100. We have not seen the Xbox game since its launch in 2009, but it seems that that is changing, or at least that is what a new report affirms.

The report comes from the hand of Jeff Grubs, industry expert, and giant bomb, and affirms that the game is already under development at Alt space VR, a team within Microsoft s Mixed Reality Division.

It returns 1 against 100, Grubs said. They are definitely making that game, and it seems that it comes from the Altspacevr team. They are heading the project and all the avatars we saw in Microsoft Teams last week, they will use those avatars and bring those things inside.

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While the return to this game can be a surprise for many, it is a return that the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, really mocked in 2020.

I just want to say, when our teams try to do new things that we have never done before, I want to be 100 percent behind those things, Spencer said during a live broadcast of a special Trivia event. Sometimes they will be incredible, sometimes they will be good learning experiences for us. But for all the fanatics who have been in this with us, we will do well with you. We do not know. Exactly what is still, so thank you for being with us during this and our little experiment. We will learn. Maybe we should even be building our own game of questions, like from our past, which allows people to play a game of questions more often, maybe that could happen «.

At the time of publication, Xbox has not addressed this new report in any way, and we do not expect this to change. However, if he does, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, for more coverage especially everything related to Xbox, click here.