Melanie Vermont, his real name Mélanie Dambermont, is a starlet and Belgian singer, born upon May 17, 1983, in Liège as well as concentrated on referring to as.

Melanie Leupolz has made her predictions ahead of Everton

Olympic champion Melanie Leopold can not do much with the demands for the same payment of men and women in professional football.

With us, it is currently so that clubs make minus for the women s team. You have to invest now, so that women s football can wear themselves in a few years and win profits, said the 73-colored national player from FC Chelsea in the interview Spot and Goal.

Equal Pay is therefore not suitable, because with which justification should I earn millions now? And at the weekend I play 3000 spectators, said the national player.

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Leopold, who used to play at the SC Freiburg and FC Bayern Munich, wishes instead of a higher payment for women s football, that we train on good training places, play in beautiful stadiums and that the framework conditions are the same. This is associated with lower financial obligations and easier to implement. This also creates it that women s football can wear themselves.