The following is a listing of video games that have actually been announced for release on Microsoft s Xbox home computer game console family including the Xbox Series X and also Xbox Series S. Both were launched on November 10, 2020.
The Xbox Series X as well as Series S have full backwards compatibility with Xbox One video games as well as numerous Xbox 360 and original Xbox games that were supported on the Xbox One, omitting those that used Kine ct. The majority of Xbox One games that also have an Xbox Series X/S variation will immediately download the Xbox Series X/S version for the system using Microsoft s Smart Shipment program, without an extra purchase. This list omits backwards suitable games.
Designers can additionally target for a Maximized for Xbox Series X/S branding, suggesting that (for the most part) the game is running natively as an Xbox Series X/S video game and not under backwards compatibility. There are 328 video games currently on this listing.

Last Wednesday was shift of Xbox to celebrate the first anniversary of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, And now it s time for Sony Do the same with PlayStation 5, launched on the market one November 12, 2020.

By a publication in Twitter, Herman Hurst, head of the PlayStation Studios, thanked the fans for making the first year of PS5 Something so special And this caused that Phil Spencer, chief of Xbox, will take advantage to congratulate the team for a first great year.

His teams from him did a great job under these challenging circumstances. Congratulations on a first great year.

Sony Makes Enormous PS5 Announcement For One Year Anniversary Of PS5! Xbox Fans Got Dunked On!
Of course, Spencer and Hurst usually have this kind of interactions constantly, particularly when one of the two companies has some important launch or something like that.

Editor s note: Other clear example that the infamous War of Consoles only exists within the minds of the fans. Both companies feel enormous respect between them, and despite their competition, both Sony and Microsoft have done incredible things this last year.