As part of the celebrations by the 20th anniversary of Xbox, the addition of up to 70 sets retracompatible with X | S series was announced. These titles will enjoy a better performance in the new consoles of Microsoft, but if you were waiting for them to be added more, then we have you very bad news.

On the official site of Xbox, Peggy lo, head of the recompatibility program of Xbox, explained that she and his team already reached the limit with the amount of games that will bring to the catalog Citrating several problems that prevent the addition of more games:

Although we are still focused on preserving and improving games as an art form, we have reached the limit to bring new titles from the past to our catalog due to licensing, legal and technical restrictions.

Peggy says it even if the team of Xbox suggested that there were no more recompatible games a few years ago, this last lot was possible thanks to the passion and feedback of the community.

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Editor s note: It is certainly a semi-drumpa news, because this last lot was loaded with great games like TimeSplitters 2 and Max Payne 3, but at the same time, it is also sad to know that we will not have more classic games in the future.