For the 20th Xbox anniversary, Microsoft has not lumped and 76 game classifiers are made available for the first time on the Next-Gen consoles. Including long-awaited cult games like Max Payne 3, F.e.a.r. And Star Wars Jedi Knight 2.

Microsoft has added its range of downward-compatible playing on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S has added a whole cart invitation to classics : At the 20th Xbox anniversary celebrations, the Next Gen Games catalog was equal to 76 games The Xbox and Xbox-360 era expanded. Thus, for the first time, numerous cult hits can be gambled on the current Xbox consoles.

Xbox expands catalog to downward-compatible play

To the 76 games, which can now be drawn on the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X | S count some of the most popular franchises of the last 20 years. While horror shooter fans can look forward to the complete f.e.a.r. series, the Max Payne Trilogy finally found its way to modern Xbox consoles.

Show you here the complete list of 76 games classics:

With Skate 2, Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, Dead Or Alive 3 and 4, Timesplitters 2, Lego: The Lord of the Rings and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Contains the list of new entries also numerous other great Names from different genres. The games have the auto-HDR feature and in many cases over an up to four times higher resolution compared to the original. (Source: Xbox)

Microsoft builds game library

The update with the 76 classics builds the remarkable Xbox library on down-compatible games and adds some of the games that fans already wish for years. However, it is at the same time according to the post office on the official Xbox website (for the time being) last update. Due to licenses as well as technical and legal restrictions, the limit was achieved at games hits of the past.

In addition, however, 26 already available games have received an FPS boost (more images per second) on the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X | S — including the Gears-of-War series, Fallout 3, Dragon Age : Origins, Alan Wake and Dead Space 2 and 3. Compatibility features and the preservation of older games should continue to be the focus of Team Xbox, according to Microsoft Post.

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Xbox expands its range of downwards playing and adds 76 games to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S library. Among them are some classics and games that fans have long wanted.