Games for Windows (Abbreviated VFW) was a Microsoft computer game system that dates back to at the very least 2005, and was assessed in 2006. This accreditation for physical games to make them personnel in Windows, simple and obtainable as in prominent video game consoles, It additionally sustains all standard features (such as accomplishments, voice conversation, messages, etc.), but it does not offer cross-platform with Xbox or play with Xbox 360 players. The project has been promoted through the Stand Agreement through others Forums in 2005. In 2008, Live included in the name and ever since it is known as well. Games for Windows Live disappeared on July 1, 2014. It was replaced by the Xbox system for Windows.

Xbox s 20th anniversary celebration event was a tribute to his legacy, but with his eyes on his future. In it, we were able to know the new 70 setback games of Xbox and Xbox 360 that can be played on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s. The retraction in Xbox has been one of the most applauded services by the players, for the effort that supposed the rescue of many of the games, being a service at zero cost for the user.

The last 70 Service Games have arrived The Phil Spencer, Chief of Xbox, has defended the importance of this retreatability in an allegation towards video games as a form of art and its need for preservation. The service has served for many first Xbox games and mostly Xbox 360, have arrived at Xbox One and after Xbox Series X | S in many cases, including visual and performance improvements.

You could not avoid some great absences Between the last 70 games, such important titles have been added as the full saga of Max Payne and Fear, however, the service has come to an end and no longer They will adapt more Xbox or Xbox 360 games to the new consoles. From Xbox, they have explained that the decision has to do with license restrictions, legal and technical problems, which make it impossible to continue adapting more games from the catalogs of these two consoles.

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This has led many fans to dismiss with some spinner stuck this great service, which, although it has left us a memorable catalog, it has not been able to avoid some great absences that the fans hoped to arrive. There are many great games that for different reasons have not been able to reach Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, but these are the 12 games we will especially miss at fault.