update of the month of November for Xbox should already be waiting to be downloaded on your console, and Microsoft detailed what we can expect from it. This time, the company focused on improving several aspects of accessibility, so that more players can enjoy their favorite titles.

The update also improves the stability of each Xbox Series X as the stellar of this update, arrive new and improved Color filters in X series and S. Whether you have Dalton ism or just suffer from difficulty Observing certain colors on the screen, this new function could help you at your game sessions.

Another important change, comes in the form of a new Accessibility tab within the Xbox digital store. In this way, the disabilities with disabilities will be able to select more easily the most suitable titles for them, thus removing the risk to make a purchase at random.

Improved functions of Volume and Audio They also arrive in this update. With them, the configuration will be simpler to handle, and you can also make new changes, such as mute the microphone when your hearing aids are connected to the console.

New Xbox Color Filters  - Xbox Color Blind Accessibility Update 2021

Finally, and no less important, the update also improves the stability of the Xbox Series X in titles where players reported several errors that even would necessarily turn off the console, such as NBA 2K22, FIFA 22 and Battlefield 2042.