For the action game Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy a new update is available on consoles now.

The update adds the game a ray tracing mode on Xbox and PlayStation X Series 5th

On the Xbox Series S, however, the frame rate limit can be disabled to allow the game between 30 and 60 FPS running.

Guardian of the Galaxy Ray Tracing Mode ON  Xbox Series X Gameplay
Added also a function for resetting of memory states, as well as bug fixes.

All the details of the update You can extract the patch notes.

Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy Patch Notes

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Ray Tracing Mode is now available in the Video settings menu.

All Consoles

Save Rollback: A hidden Save rollback feature that added to allow users who have encountered blocking issues to roll back to the start of the chapter of Their choice.

PlayStation 4

Improved performance on the original PS4 model.
Changed the sensitivity required for the Visor input so did controllers with more wear and tear may silently detect the button press.

Xbox Series S

An option to uncap the FPS which added, Allowing users to run the game between 30 and 60 FPS. Please note uncapping FPS may lead to a less stable frame rate in some areas. Recommended for users with a VAR display.

General improvements

General stability improvement on all platforms.
Multiple stability improvements with ray tracing enabled.
General improvements to objective markers.
Additional improvements to world boundaries.

Major fixes

Fix for an issue where the Compendium entry Gather and Gnashed might not unlock.
Added a fail safe to Ensure days die Fully Loaded achievement / trophy Could be unlocked.
Fix for an issue where custom difficulty settings would reset.
Fix for players who may become locked out of the Guardian menu after the first ability point tutorial.
Fix for instances where the poison gas Could not be frozen again after a reload.

Improvements made to transition in and out of workbenches in order to address some instances of Rocket refusing to use the Workbench.
Chapter 1: Fix for a rare issue where Star-Lord may be caught in a state of falling out of world, after falling on the Milano.
Chapter 7: Fix to allow the crane puzzle to be completely Call reset when reloading checkpoint, so users may be allowed to retry in rare instances Where They become blocked.
Chapter 9: Fix to allow users to win the chase sequence more easily.
Chapter 10: Fix for a funnel Which made access to the Hero of Half World outfit difficult.
Chapter 10: Fix for one instance where Groot may be unable to create a lift leading to a side path.
Chapter 13: Fix for rare instances where a throw object needed to progress may not appear.

Other fixes

Fix for instances where Star-Lord s eyes might glow red with ray tracing enabled.
Fix for an issue where the Rocket Bet scoreboard may silently appear on screen after the bet is over.
Radio communications can now be heard through the controller.
Fix for the Rocket line did what being played through Groot s voice.
Fix for save icon occasionally sticking on screen.
Fixes for rare instances where Guardians may disappear in combat.
Fix for a funnel where Star-Lord may occasionally become stuck when running at higher FPS.
Updated wording for privacy statement.