Optics is usually a matter of taste. You have noticed that again than the developers of Blizzard in the context of the video announcement to patch 9.2 also presented the first designs of the new animal sets, which at the end of eternity their long expected comeback celebrate. While there were quite some players who liked the rather simple look, others were horribly horrified and did their opinion concluded that even green and blue dungeon sets would look better. Such extremely editor Phil did not see that, gorgeous he found her but not.

But now Detainees have found the first models of mythical versions of the Animal Sets in the Files of the Ex coming Patch. And although these are not fundamentally different from the previously published variants, they convey a completely different feeling. They are less colorless and impress with significantly more small details. Thus, the developers from the boring sets have made an optical highlight.

All mythical animal sets can be found in the following picture gallery:

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Wow, Shadow lands the mythical animal 22 set of Daemonjeger [Source: Towhead]

And who is on the hard facts, can already bring here the first Seton of the new animal sets to experience.

More details, high recognition value

The resulting versions can easily be seen that Blizzard relies on a known system for the animal sets. The variants from the LFR or normal mode are more easily kept and with increasing difficulty and higher item level the armor become more detailed and colorful. Especially the latter does the look very good in my eyes. Because the sets now differ from the otherwise prevailing style of the NPCs in the Shadow lands.

Additional details, such as flying balls on the shoulders or moving tapes on the armor also ensure that the animal sets will take off from other armor from dungeons and the like. With the more detail, color and also different luminous effects one recognizes immediately, to which class one of each set belongs. This too is an important recognition feature of an animal set, which is previously limited, now but definitely.

Why developers did not publish this version directly, however, I remain a mystery. Because that, and Im sure, would be the negative voices against the new animal sets much quieter. Where maybe there was no stupid chess train. For they had shown the mythical variant, and we had then found that the normal and heroic variant, which is likely to get the majority of players, looks only half as good, would the trouble had been greater.

It still remains the matter of taste

Of course, I realize that the mythical versions of the sets do not meet the taste of each player. But this idea would be utopian anyway. Even with the past drunk sets, there were always variants that were more popular than others, and you will probably not find a set that laps without exception all players.

Source: Towhead Source: Towhead

Therefore, it would not be surprised if I contradict one or the other in the comments under this column and the mythic sets as well as the normal. This is also completely okay. But who still claims that these variants do not look like animal sets, which must explain that in detail. Because everything, what animal sets make up for me, is now available. The optics reminds both the current (or currently still the upcoming) RAID and the respective class can be clearly read out. Another significantly higher detailed and finish is exactly what I expect from an animal set.

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Incidentally, I agree that it is not the prettiest animal sets of all time. But those of the designers expect that with every new set they all prior to what almost two are a dozen, every time they surpass, who lives in a dream world. Therefore, I stay with the new sets are not perfect in my eyes, but so animal sets must look in Wow (Buy now €14.99) look.

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Are you a different opinion and have something to complain about the mythical variant of the animal sets — or do they like them very well too? Betrays us in the comments.

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