For good or for evil, Craig, the infamous Brute who starred in one of the most recognized memes of Halo Infinite, is already a fundamental part of this game. In this way, instead of simply forgetting him, Xbox decided to immortalize this character with an Easter Egg in the campaign of this title.

As you probably noticed, today advances from the infinite halo campaign began to be published. In this way, Mint Blitz, a YouTuber, published a video where he revealed that In the fourth mission of history you can find an album known as Craig: Greatest Hits, which has the face of the famous Brute.

This is not the first time that Xbox does something in this style, since memes related to the refrigerator with the Xbox Series X, as well as the inopportune revelation of the Series S, are already part of this generation. Hopefully this reference to Brute is not the only joke of this kind that we find in the game.

Halo Infinite will arrive at Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC on December 8. On related topics, here we tell you about the first hours of this campaign. Similarly, here you can check our gameplay of this game.


Editors note:

It is good to see that Xbox does not suggest from his mistakes. This shows the long road that Halo Infinite has traveled. Craig is part of the past, but we must not forget it, since it represents an inconvenience of which Xbox managed to get ahead.