In addition to many other dealers, the Microsoft Store has also started its offers for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2021. In addition to nearly 900 games for Xbox Series and Xbox One, there are also gaming accessories such as headsets and controllers cheaper. We introduce you to two of the highlights in this article. The overview of all offers of the sales can be found here:

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Black Friday in the Microsoft Store: To the offers

Update, 12:02 clock: Unfortunately, the offers mentioned below are already sold out again. Looking into the Black Friday Sale of the Microsoft Store can still be worthwhile, after all, there are other hardware than the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller cheaper.

Racer Wolverine V2 Xbox Series Controller

The Xbox Series Controller Racer Wolverine V2 gets you in the Microsoft Store for 57.50 euros instead of 114.99 euros. According to comparison platforms, the controller has never been so cheap, the second prudent provider is currently Amazon with 74.99 euros. The Racer Wolverine V2 is characterized by good workmanship, precise sticks and buttons, additional buttons between the shoulder buttons and trigger stops. The latter allow you to fire faster.

Racer Wolverine V2 Xbox Series Controller for €57,50 in the Microsoft Store

Unlike older, for the Xbox One versions of the Racer Wolverine or even more expensive Racer Wolverine V2 Chroma, the normal Wolverine V2 does not have paddles on the bottom. A disadvantage compared to the Competition of Microsoft is also a wired controller. More about the Racer Wolverine V2 and how it beats compared to other Xbox Series Controllers, you will learn here:

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Racer Ceará Wireless Headset

The Racer Kiera Wireless Headset also gets you for 57.50 euros instead of 114.99 euros. Here, too, the Microsoft Store is the cheapest providers, according to comparison platforms, while Amazon is currently in place with 74.99 euros. The Racer Kiera is a wireless Xbox headset that connects directly to the console without USB dongle. From the expensive Racer Kiera Pro, it differs from the lack of Bluetooth support.

Racer Ceará Wireless Xbox Series Headset for €57.50 in the Microsoft Store

For the price range, the two 50 mm drivers offer a good sound, which you can also adapt through the extensive adjustment options of the app for your personal taste. At the listener, there is not only a volume control, but also a regulator for the game chat balance. Room sound is supported by Windows Sonic.

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Black Friday 2021: The best deals

Since the end of the last week, many major retailers like Amazon, Saturn, Mediamarkt and Otto run the first Black Friday offers, many more deals and actions will be added throughout this week. If you always stay up to date and do not want to miss any offers, our overview page will help you:

Black Friday 2021: For Gamer overview of the offers

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