The Xbox 360 Controller (in Spanish: Xbox 360 control) is the main chauffeur of the Microsoft Xbox 360 console. It has 2 versions, with cable television or wireless and also both are suitable with PC. The original XBOX controls are not compatible with the Xbox 360 straight, only with a control adapter and outer adapter of the very first Xbox by the USB port of the console. The cordless variation requires AA or rechargeable batteries, while the cable television variation merely connects to the USB ports of the console.

It is again this wonderful period of the year when people will do holiday shops for their friends and family who love Xbox. If you’re a bit confused with what you should get them, your good friends at Cog connected are here for you. In this practical guide, we listed a variety of accessories, subscriptions, games and more that can amplify any Xbox players’ gaming experience.


Although it’s easy for me to recommend the Xbox Series X, I also understand that there are still important stock breaks around the world, which could make it incredibly difficult to handle an Xbox Series X. Fortunately If your Xbox player always playing on an Xbox One or an Xbox One X, they should always have access to all the last and best games, because most games offer an intergenerational option that allows you to play on one or The other console. Nevertheless, if your favorite player has no Xbox Series X yet, and you can get your hands on one, it would be an unforgettable gift to receive.

If you are on the market to buy a new joystick for your Fan Xbox, then our first joystick recommendation is the Wolverine V2 Chroma league of Racer. This wired joystick costs about $50 cheaper than the Xbox Elite wireless controller, but has many of the same features and some cool RGB lighting effects. You can consult our review about this here.

Our second controller recommendation is the RECON controller of Turtle Beach. It is also a wireless controller with unique features, including two incredibly comfortable rear buttons, a convenient collection of function buttons near the top of the controller and the pro-AIM focus mode useful — perfect for the FPS players. You can consult our review about this here.

This last recommendation of accessories is for a very specific Xbox player. If you know someone who is obsessed with the last Microsoft Flight Simulator, then it’s the perfect complement (although expensive) to his playroom. Thrust master’s T. Flight X’s full kit provides players with fully functional rudders, a flight handle and a throttle. This reinforces the authenticity of the flight to new heights.

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