More and more games like Back 4 Blood or Halo: Infinite put on crossly, so the possibility that all console and PC players can play themselves. This does not matter which version your friends have. In addition, this feature can be played even faster for your own party.

However, if you do not want to use the Crossly function from various reasons, there is the option of disabling them on the Xbox Series X / S directly.

How to disable your Crossly via the Xbox Series X / S

To turn off the Crossly for the multiplayer of Xbox games, you are under:

Are you in the Xbox Dashboard, you press the Xbox Button on your controller.
Go to the Settings menu and select the menu item Account.
Select the option Privacy and Online Security and go to the item Xbox Live Privacy.
Under Details you can disable the item Communication and Multiplayer the feature with You can play with persons outside Xbox Live.

If you have followed all the steps, you should only encounter Xbox players in the lobbies. This also applies to games like battlefield 2042, which does not allow in the game menu currently deactivating Crossly. If you switch off this feature in the Xbox menu, it is valid for all games that you can play over the Xbox Series X / S console.

Crossly brings advantages and disadvantages

Which advantages have Crossly? The fact that you will also use PC and other console players to collapse your waiting times in lobbies. In addition, you can also play with your loved ones who own the same game on other platforms such as PC and PS4 / PS5.

Which disadvantages bring Crossly? Together with PC players, you have the mouse and keyboard usually have an advantage over those who play with controller or touch input, especially at shooters. The entry with mouse and keyboard is more precise and faster.

If you want to compensate the disadvantages of controller control a bit, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller could help remedy with its adaptability. Our test to the controller can be found here:

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However, considering that you need to switch on the function again via the Xbox menu, you should want to play with Crossly function in certain games. However, deactivating via the Xbox menu currently remains the only way if the developer teams in the actual game offer no way to turn off Crossly.

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