Just in time for his 17th birthday, Yousuf Mouton had received a futile card for the first time on 25th November. The attacker showed anything other than satisfied with the evaluation. Honestly, I expected 75 — hopefully to blade without disrespectful or arrogant, says the Youngster in a YouTube video of the BVB about his first object.

EA Sport’s Scouting team had missed Mouton a silver card with an overall rating of 69, so six points under the value hoped by striker. The best classification posted Mouton with 84 for the pace, but: It could have been more because I’m a little faster, says the 17-year-old.

If I stay healthy, I want to come to 80 next year.

Youssef Mouton

The same applies to dribbling and shot: in these core attributes Mouton is valued at 76 or 68. For the subordinate values, he records the highest assessments for the sprint speed (86) and the balance (85). Overall, Mouton does not want to complain very much about his premier card in Fut.


Rather, he seems to take her as an incentive to achieve even better values ​​in the future: It’s the first card, so no problem, he finally says and supplements: If I stay healthy, I want to come to 80 next year. Incidentally, Mouton is also provided with a 69er rating — but his potential is a whopping 89 points.

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