The city of Noodling sets a monument to the former World Class Starter Herd Müller from FC Bayern.

For the first day of the football legend on August 15, 2022, a life-size bronze statue of the footballer is to be built on the Forefinger Staenglesbrunnen, said Lord Mayor David Wittier (free voters). Several media had already reported on the plan of the birthplace of Müller.

The statue is intended to represent the former world-class scorer hunter praised as the bomber of the nation at the most important gate of his career, the winning goal to 2: 1 against the Netherlands at the 1974 World Cup final in the Munich Olympic Stadium.

On the stalking fountain between his birthplace and the house in the Berger Strafe, where he grew up, Müller should have learned football.

Herd Müller shaped era at Bayern FC and in the DFB team

According to the Town Hall Chef, the city council has already opted for an offer of the bell and art foundry Rincóns from Frankfurt am Main. The commissioned artist is the sculptor Herbert Days from Aschaffenburg.

Müller died last August at the age of 75 years. The former international had come to FC Bayern in the summer of 1964 and shaped an era. With the national team he became European champion and 1974 world champion.

After his career, the former TopTorogäger remained long as a coach to Bayern Munich as a coach.