A couple of days ago it was announced that the last update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be available soon. Well, the day has arrived and at this time you can download the version 13.0.1 from the popular fight game and here we talk about some of your novelties.

Generally speaking, several adjustments and corrections were made regarding the balance of the game, including hotfixes for certain bugs and changes to fighters. Similarly, some animations of sort have been elongated to fit together with the rest of the characters. Another thing that is worth noting is the addition of support for the amino of Metro id Dread.

— General balance adjustments were made.

— The Amino of Camus and E.M.M.I. From Metro id Dread already have support within the game.

Smash Ultimate 13.0.1 Update Is Out Now! New amiibo Support + FINAL Fighter Balancing

— Several problems have been adjusted to improve the experience of Gameplay.

According to the official notes of the patch, changes were made to 24 characters, although the vast majority of them are not so drastic. If you want to know the full list of settings, we suggest you visit the official Nintendo support page.

Editor’s note: And with this patch, the support for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been officially completed. We do not know exactly what is the next project for Mahavira Samurai and his team, but what we do know is that Japanese executive deserves a great rest for all the work of these last years.