FINAL FANTASY XIV (ファイナルファイナル XIV, FAIN ARU Kanji Fortin), Final Fantasy XIV: Online, or later on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, is a greatly multiplayer on the internet role-play established as well as edited by Square Enix. It is the fourteenth part of the primary series of FINAL FANTASY and also the second greatly multiplayer function play developed by Square Enix after Final Fantasy XI. This game has a unique background since two versions adhered to each other: variation 1.0 whose servers are currently shut as well as Final Fantasy XIV: A World Reborn or version 2.0 which is now the fundamental variation of the game.
The game happens on the continent of Korea on earth Madelyn. The player symbolizes the warrior of light, a traveler whose appearance is personalized, which checks out various locations and also which will certainly be confronted with the realm of Garland and also the fundamentals, the divine beings conjured up by people of males monsters, influenced by the invocations Existing in the Final Fantasy certificate as IFR IT, Shiva or Garuda.
The very first version of the game remained in advancement considering that 2005 under the name Rapture with the Crystal Tools developer device. The advancement undergoes many problems that have, at its leave, an unfavorable effect. This variation appeared on September 30, 2010, on Windows and also was highly criticized for its several uncorrected pests, absence of material or unapproved user interface. In response to this, December 10, 2010, Chichi WADA announces adjustments in the growth group and also the beginning of a long game restoration procedure. Naomi Yeshiva is designated to return to the reins of the job as opposed to Kabuki Komodo.
The new group will certainly deal with producing content and spots through lots of spots. Yet the problems being also various, the team determines to release a new version of the game. On October 14, 2011, Naomi Yeshiva provided the plans of the brand-new Final Fantasy XIV called Final Fantasy XIV: A World Reborn, with a user interface as well as a system of Game upgraded and a brand-new story always signing up in the same cosmos. This brand-new variation changed the old variation entailing the closing of the web servers of the last. Nevertheless, the closure of the old variation is not just technological but likewise in terms of history: the devastation of a part of Korea by the primeval Bahamas. The brand-new variation of the game came out on Windows as well as PlayStation 3 on August 27, 2013, and also on PlayStation 4 on April 14, 2014. A PlayStation 5 variation of the game was introduced for the fall of 2021. She obtained a positive welcome from the component Movie critics as well as players as well as returns to the structure left by the initial variation. 7 years have actually passed because the appearance of Bahamas. Because after that, Korea has been partially rebuilt and also the occupants have actually neglected what occurred that day.
The game has four expansions: Final Fantasy XIV: Heavenward, Final Fantasy XIV: Storybook, Final Fantasy XIV: Shadow bringers as well as Final Fantasy XIV: End walker. Square Unix later announces the closing of the service on PlayStation 3 however by offering the cost-free transfer to the PlayStation 4. The author shuts access by this assistance on June 16, 2016.

At the end of the year there are sci-fi action, comic brawls and a thick MMO add-on.

2021 is drawing to its end, Christmas is coming and for many of us a lot of free time that can be used off the festivities wonderful it to reduce its own Pile of Shame a little. But alas, in December are also still new games to the market. Granted, it seems not so much as in the past few months, a few promising titles, including even a real blockbuster, but find themselves still in the release list.

Aster ix & Felix: Slap Them All!

Release: 2.12.
platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Beat ’em ups (which is what the whole world understand but us Germans the term) are nowadays produces no genre that constantly new titles. But now and then there are times but a real surprise hit, most recently Streets of Rage 4. Aster ix & Felix: Slap Them All! There at the beginning of December, another candidate with well-known license. Graphically, the whole thing looks ever so tasty as a grilled wild boar from the comics. Whether it’s playing what on the box, remains to be seen.

In Aster ix & Felix: Slap Them All! Both titles are playable heroes — both in the online and local co-op mode. In adventure mode you experience some famous stories from the comics, but there is also a chapter whose story was written exclusively for the game. In addition to the 2D Kloppereien you expect some mini-games.

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Century: Age of Ashes

Release: 2.12.
platforms: PC

After a shift to Century: Age of Ashes now appear in December. And since the release date is indeed just one day away and the Early Access is already running, nothing is likely to change it more. The game is a multiplayer shooter with a difference. Here you play dragon rider sitting on large flying lizards and thrilling dogfights with other riders and provide their pangolins.

Century: Age of Ashes offers three game modes including classic Team Deathwatch, but also the target-based gates of fire. The release are as many classes of the party. Offensive natures play as a Marauder, you are insidious, it is a phantom trap and as a wind guard it makes your skills Abundant confusion in your opponents. Each class increases in the level individually and can be adjusted in many ways. Other professions will follow over time. By the way: Century: Age of Ashes is a free-to-play titles. You can see it so try free.

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Solar Ash

Release: 2.12.
platforms: PC, PS5, PS4

The indie studio Heart Machine took us five years ago the fantastic 2D pixel art action adventure Hyper Light Drifter. For his second game Solar Ash that was moved from October to December, the team ventured from California the move to three-dimensional worlds. Pure color graphics reminiscent still on the debut. Playful, however, it enters very different paths.

In solar Ash her REI who has to save from extinction their own planet plays. On their way, it must satisfy especially numerous skill challenges. It glides over the landscape, as if it were traveling on inline skates and the focus of the game is also clear on the locomotion. Battles are in place, where REI as the protagonist in Hyper Light Drifter on a sword familiar, but play a much smaller role.

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Release: 3.12.
platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Stadia

Fish Labs, the makers of the Galaxy on Fire games, to stay true to yourself and take you away again in chorus into space. But this time it is much darker. You play NARA, which receives the fight against a sinister cult with their living ship called the Forsaken, who created them. They have to face their own past and unite the resistance to the threat averted.

Chorus focuses on fleet Action and its history, that is neither a space simulation still a sandbox game à la Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen. Thus, it is also exploring in no coherent space, but the individual scenes are certainly offered some freedom. So strictly linear, such as a Star Wars: Squadrons is no chorus.

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Release: 4.12.
platforms: PC

What actually already should come in August, is now after a long wait indeed around the corner: Icarus, the new game from Day creator Dean Rocket Hall. This is again a title in which the struggle for survival is the focus. Nevertheless, the concept is fundamentally different from the zombie game. First, you are not on the earth move, but an Earth-like planet called Icarus. Then there is no PVP, you play alone or cooperatively with up to seven other people. In addition, the world is not persistent. Individual sessions can last only a few hours, but days or weeks. If you, however, not reached the rescue ship at the end of which you fly back to the station in orbit, you are and all that ye have previously worked, lost.

Icarus has a 64-square-kilometer, hand-built card with multiple biomes. There examined her valuable materials with which you unlock later in orbit new technologies in order to be better prepared for your next adventure. Zombies or the like do not exist, but wildlife can be quite dangerous to the atmosphere of Icarus is toxic and over again occur violent storms.

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Final Fantasy XIV: End walker

Release: 7.12.
platforms: PC, PS5, PS4

Final Fantasy XIV is the number 1 MMORPG today. It has over 22 million players and constantly receive praise for his great class system and can keep especially the exciting story that loosely with single-player RPGs, and many of them even exceeds them. In the near future it’s finally on, for the fourth extension End walker is coming. It concludes the story around Madelyn and Zodiac and is about the biggest disaster that has struck the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Here you dwell not only on the planet, but also travels to the moon.

The list of new features of Final Fantasy XIV: End walker is long: The level cap will be increased from 80 to 90, there are several new classes, major new zones with several quests, fresh dungeons and raids, as well as fodder for PVP fans. Developers also connected to another residential one, expand the range of the Gold Saucer and implement a new character for the side-by-side feature. The Christmas holidays are likely to fans of online role-playing game in their favorite fantasy world spend because End walker will certainly again provide many hours of gameplay.

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Halo Infinite

Release: 8.12.
platforms: PC, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One

More than a year later than planned Halo Infinite now appears this December. A portion of the first-person shooter can you even play — and completely free: When Multiplayer put Microsoft and developer 343 Industries on a free-to-play model, and since mid-November, the whole is a beta version of the document (for pre-test). The online part offers classic 4-on-4 Arena fights and battles with up to 24 Spartans on weitläufigeren cards.

What is playable but only from 8 December (and money also costs), is the campaign. Who enters with its semi-open world new paths for the Halo series. So there is not only a linear sequence of story missions, but you can the Zeta-halo ring more or less freely explore and meet all sorts of optional objectives to you to make better equipment. In one aspect, Halo Infinite but is also very classic: You play back only the Master Chief. Agent Locke from Halo 5: Guardians is history, what the fans certainly very pleased.

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The Gunk

Release: 16.12.
platforms: PC, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One

Image & Form from Sweden is known for the World Steam games. With The Gunk the team from Gothenburg delivers its first 3D adventure. In it, you play Ran who, together with her partner Beck (no, we now make no beer joke) a Weltraumtransportduo that searches the galaxy for valuable raw materials in order to sell them. One day the two land on a mysterious planet, which is completely covered with Gunk: an unknown substance that destroys nature and the traces of an ancient civilization buried under itself. Ran and Becks smell fat coal, but it did not take long before that is a minor matter.

The Gunk allows you to explore the SCI-FI world freely and free from the name-based substance. Ran sucks you with the help of a glove prosthesis that can be improved in the gameplay. So you gradually release from the actual planet surface and learn more about the history of this place. The Gunk will be included in the Xbox Game Pass from Day 1, so subscribers can easily download the game and watch without extra cost.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Release: 16.12.
Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4

The Advent and Christmastime is actually the time of contemplation. Who wants, but may also scare himself right, because Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach appears shortly before. This is the largest and elaborate game of the series so far. As the little Gregory you are locked up in Freddy Fanfare’s Mega Pizzaplex overnight and struggling to survive. As you are used to from the series, the animatronics of the store awaken to life and want to the boy at the collar. You experienced the whole thing from the ego perspective and sneaks and runs through the huge complex to be caught. You should not only take care of Roxy, Chica and Monty, but also before the S.T.A.F.F.-Bots. While they are very passive, but solve an alarm when they see you, whereupon the Animatronics are called to your position.

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Your only ally in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is FREDDY FORBEAR PERSONALLY. He serves you as a signpost and protector and shows you for example abbreviations. But he is not permanently to the side as his energy supply is limited. And to the charging stations you have to get without prejudice, so that you can even miss new energy again. Luckily, there are two tools with the FAZ CAM and the Blaster, with which you can put the opponents out of action for a short time.

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Release: December
Platforms: PC

There is no fixed date, but GTFO is definitely going to leave the early access phase behind the end of the year. The coop shooter with a strongly pronounced horror aspect takes you to an underground complex. There you should as a team of prisoners who are not voluntary there are valuable artifacts. The problem: In the vault, it’s not only pitch dark, there are also scary creatures that do better not attention to you. You are armed for the emergency, but believes us: You prefer to sneak and do not be involved in a fight.

The special thing about GTFO is that constantly new missions appear and replace prior. Thus, the developer wants 10 chambers to ensure that the game will not be boring. Basically, you can imagine the whole thing as a Left 4 Dead (or now just back 4 Blood) in much slower and quiet, but also scary. In order for the horror atmosphere to be transported as well, well, the action with music from the composer Simon Vinland is underpinned, which is responsible for the soundtracks of Dead by Daylight and the Payday games responsible.

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Other releases in December

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The Plane Effect — 02.12. — PS4, Xbox One
Grim Dawn — 03.12. — Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One
White Shadows — 07.12. — PC, PS5, Xbox Series X / S
Thunder Tier ONE — 07.12. — PC
Twelve Minutes — 07.12. — PS4, Switch
Life is Strange: True Colors — 07.12. — Switch
Watchword — 09.12. — PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Switch
Siberia: The World Before — 10.12. — PC
Gear Club Unlimited 2 — 14.12. — PC, PS4, Xbox One
Among US — 14.12. — PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One
Star Wars: The Old Republic — Legacy of the Sith — 14.12. — PC
Cubifactorium — 16.12. — PC