The Xbox One is an eighth generation video clip game console created by Microsoft. Unveiled on May 21, 2013, it is successful Xbox 360 as well as is in front of Sony’s PlayStation 4, and also extra indirectly with the Wii U and after that the Nintendo Switch. It has been offered because November 22, 2013, in thirteen countries and also since September 2014 in twenty-six other nations. First only marketed with Kine ct, Microsoft supplies the console alone from June 9, 2014.
With an AMD processor, the maker is geared up with a Blu-ray or Blu-ray ultra HD viewers as well as an immovable hard disk of 500 GB, 1 TB or 2 TB according to the designs, focused on making it an incorporated amusement system. The assimilation of the Kine ct gadget enables the console to reply to the voice regulates or movements determined by the customer and to be related to a videoconferencing capability. Kine ct is quickly failed to remember from the public as well as is supplied as a choice, which drops the rate of the console and also numerous buyers choose to get the console without Kine ct for the reduced rate.
At the E3 2016, the Xbox One S exists. 40% smaller sized and a little more powerful than the Xbox One Classic, the Xbox One S has an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, an interior power supply, and also can now be placed up and down. She comes out on August 2, 2016. At the E3 2017, the Xbox One X is provided: it is able to display Ultra HD indigenous. She launched November 7, 2017.
In July 2020, Microsoft reveals completion of manufacturing of the Xbox One X in addition to the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. The Xbox One S remains to be produced. The Xbox Series vary prospers it in November 2020.

After the PlayStation’s The Future of Gaming press conference revealed more than two dozen games (as well as a console design), Microsoft was quick to announce its own game-oriented event in the form From Xbox Games Showcase. In addition, since then, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox, took pictures at Sony on a variety of topics, their exclusives strongly based on the history at the pressure they exercise on the players to pass. PlayStation 5.

It is a bold decision of Spencer because the PlayStation 4 undoubtedly keeps the winner of this generation. However, we believe that the Xbox showcase of Thursday will be even the playground and will show the overwhelming benefits of owning their next material. Here are our forecasts of what you will see from the upcoming event.

HALO: Infinite

It is necessary to start with evidence first, mainly because Held: Infinity will eat most of the one-hour show. The developer of the game, 343, published without surprise the pocket of the game only one day before the start of the series, and it is now time that the players receive new looks at the same time on the story and its multiplayer mode. A grapple has already been mentioned, so we expect other quirks to be introduced, to make the gameplay a major change compared to the predecessors. If all these features are displayed, it is more than reasonable that the release date is abandoned, and we think it will be launched with the X series in November.

FORA MOTORSPORT 8… with a touch

The little known PC title rue forza was the first test of the series to a Need for Speed-esque game, being more than a realistic arcade game, but it offered very little consumers. However, this could be a taste of what will happen on the X series. We think that Fora the next entry of the series is inevitably a launch title for the X series, but it is possible that the series delivers its first Main game that clutches in this rigid culture of street races. Eleven games, the series must offer at least one title that is not afraid to differ and give fans a change of rhythm. Whether in the vein of inclining bicycles or trucks, it would be interesting to see a high quality Xbox franchise and renowned as Fora bring twists that continue to maintain its popularity.

Fable 4

After the closure of the lion head studios in 2016, all hope was lost Fable 4 always to life. However, we think it is quite possible that a new studio has discreetly held the reins of the franchise since. In 2018, Euro gamer reported that the British developer Playground Games was responsible for addressing the development of a suite. Although nothing has been revealed, Microsoft has recently renewed the mark for the name. It’s too much coincidence, and we therefore think that a teaser for the alleged successor is in order. If anything, viewers could see a trailer of thirty seconds vaguely mentioning Fable Lore, with a playground Games logo to close it.


If you want to make money, you have to follow it. According to UltimaTeamuk Twitter, XBOX will apparently this, in the form of becoming the exclusive marketing partner of EA Sports, showing conclusively FIFA 21 at the showcase. FIFA and madden ​​have already made appearances during the last Xbox event, and now they will probably have deeper looks, in the form of sequences at stake. To announce their presumed partnership, it would not be unusual that Xbox offers Exclusive content Ultimate Team for the pre-order of the game. If the series makes its appearance, it will surely be revealed as a launch title of the X series.

Obsidian’s next IP address

Following the tendency of the expected fortuitous ads at the time of the Xbox Games Showcase, the Developer Obsidian posted on Twitter from the outside world that the players must stay attentive to the site of the game. So far, nothing on the site Has changed, but it could soon show a preview of the DLC, something that should make its debut during the showcase. It would be refreshing to see how it could be optimized for the Xbox Series X, but it’s a short show, why not opt ​​for something a little more interesting? We think you will see a downloadable content announcement, with the developer teasing a new RPG that should go out in 2021. It’s long, but their site is currently looking for a suspicious amount of new talents, possibly to work on something other than the Outer Worlds.

Banjo-Kazooie launch title

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How can fans comfortably say that Banjo’s last appearance and Kazoo dates back one year of a Nintendo Switch title whose name is not registered on the box? Well, even if it’s hard to swallow, it will not be for a long time. We believe that one of the reasons why Phil Spencer was so brave to defend the Xbox is that he knows he has some console sellers who go to the X series at launch. Although the game developer, rare, is currently busy with the next ever wild, banjo-kazooie could come back with a new developer, probably the one who works on the optimization of a previous title for the X series. If nothing Banjo bound is Shown, Twitter will probably be burned.

Xbox Live is no longer

As HEL and Fora, we can almost guarantee that the end of the show would solve the mysterious disappearance of the 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription of Microsoft’s online stores. Our hypothesis is that Spencer will close the stream indicating that players can use all multiplayer features on Xbox Series X without any price. One and three months subscriptions are still available, Xbox could promote them until the service is free in November.

Project: Mara

In January, Developer Ninja Theory unveiled a new exclusive IP address at XBOX, entitled Project: Mara. The best way to describe it is that it seems to be the point of view of the Xbox side hill. The title of horror is an experience in the first person who takes place in a mental health facility that certainly differs from typical Xbox owners. We think it’s engraved in the stone that will be on Thursday and, at the very least, viewers will receive an update on the evolution of the new IP address. At most, a terrifying gameplay could see the light of day, as well as an exit date — which would probably be fixed at 2021.

As it is a showcase of games, the Xbox probably does not intend to reveal the price of the X series, nor to talk about the Xbox Lockhart Aka Series Rumor S. The console manufacturer will organize events At least once a month, when the X-based exit, equipment-oriented revelations should appear in August or September.

The Xbox game showcase will be put online at 9 am HP or 12 hours HE on Thursday, July 23 on a number of video streaming platforms.