Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is already available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but their versions for PS4 and Xbox One are being caught. In September, we knew that it was going to arrive later to the previous generation of consoles, but its launch will finally not be ready by 2021.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Review

From frog wares have confirmed a new delay through a statement distributed in social networks. The game will arrive at some point in the first quarter of 2022, without still fixed a specific day on the calendar or a smaller window for its premiere. The reasons are evident: try to ensure optimal quality and good optimization.

We need more time to polish the game at the old hardware of frog wares We take at the time the difficult decision to delay our versions for PS4 and Xbox One and continue to be 100% of it. We need to have a little more of Time to polish and test the game in the old hardware, with the goal of offer adequate performance, have explained. Thank you for understanding us, for patience and for continuing to support ourselves.

The truth is that the game in its new generation versions has not had a great reception. Although I promised to deepen research and get it, their mechanics feel clumsy and nutritive, and the decisions we make seem to have little weight on the main plot. If you want to know more about our opinion, see the analysis of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One to get a more concrete idea.