From Xbox, they are clear about its purpose of opening video games for all types of public. A little less than a month ago premiered his Xbox Cloud Gaming for Xbox One and Xbox Series, a game proposal in the cloud that will continue to expand with time. However, Redmond do not forget from the PC ecosystem, so they want to facilitate access to games with a new functionality in Your Xbox App for Windows.

This functionality will save us download time and installation Although in the community there is no lack of experts in the sphere of computers, Xbox launches this idea for those players who do not have clear relations between the requirements of a title and components of his system. For this reason, The Verge points out that the company works on a proposal with which it will inform us of performance that a game would get according to the characteristics of our PC.

This will be notified to the user through an extra label on the page of the game with which we can know in advance if an adventure will work well on our computer, which will save us download time and installation if the PC does not reach The minimum requirements of a delivery.

However, this functionality is only available for users of the Insiders program, since it has not yet been implemented in all the Xbox catalog video games. In addition, as indicated above, it is not additional information, but the application will create a database depending on the performance they get the games in various systems, which will guarantee more accurate information For the player.

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Therefore, we only have to wait until Xbox officially announce functionality. Until then, we can continue enjoying the rest of its services as the already commented Xbox Cloud Gaming, which not only manages to improve its graphics with Xbox Series hardware, but also remains updating with filters such as Clarity Boost. After all, the company wants to give an excellent experience for all types of users, including that large number of users only uses tactile controls.