Last night, a hotfix for Halo Infinite was published on all platforms.

The error corrections and adjustments contained therein mainly concerned the shooter’s campaign.

For example, problems with the Quick Resume function on Xbox Series X | S were resolved and the tracking and activation of successes.

Hotfix of 15 December


Improvements of online service connections after returning to Halo Infinite with Quick Resume on Xbox Series X | S consoles. The players should see faster and more stable re-connections to the services.

343 Are Fixing My Biggest Issue With Halo Infinite


Mjölnir Armor Locker adjustments collected in the campaign will now be unlocked in the Multiplayer Customization menu.
Players who have not received their adjustments because they either lost their Internet connection or have used Quick Resume on Xbox Series X | S-consoles should now have their adjustments to have unlocked.
The reliability of the Xbox success has been improved in this update.
Successes no longer pursue progress on the way to their degree, but will be unlocked as expected when the conditions are met.
If the conditions for success have been met before this update, but the success has not yet been released as completed, it should be unlocked after the installation of this update and the continuation of the campaign game.