FORWARD TECHNOLOGIES took advantage of the Nintendo Indie World held yesterday to share a new River City Girls 2 trailer, the continuation of a Beat ‘Em Up with good reviews from the specialized press that will come this summer to PC through Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The video game begins its history where the first video game ends, guaranteeing users an even larger experience, with new areas and ramifications, where they can take control of six playable characters, each with their style of Combat and improvable actions, alone or in cooperative for two.

River City Girls 2 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

In this role adventure and stroke to sinister, players will enjoy new movements, enemies, characters, environments and objects, and the return of a former enemy, do not miss the sense of humor and full-features of adrenaline of the First delivery, detailed from Wayfarer on your purchase card in the Nintendo Shop. In addition, this game will also include multiple routes, a dynamic history system and cooperative mode for two players.

River City Girls 2 was presented within the framework of the past E3 2021, and now it gives more details about its launch and offers a trailer where its strengths can be better seen. Meanwhile, you can read our latest impressions with SFU, a genuine commitment to martial arts within the Beat ‘Em Up video games, as well as the analysis of Aster ix and Felix: Slap Them All, another interesting proposal of the genre.