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NBA 2K22 Gets a new update from the list before all

A new update of the list for NBA 2K22 has been expelled today before the arrival of the break-Star Game in February. This is the second update of NBA 2K22 that occurred in January and, as such, there are so many drastic changes in the rating of the players here as one would normally expect. That said, some of the biggest names in the NBA have been able to slightly improve its statistics 2K thanks to a good game to start the new year.

Perhaps the most notable adjustment in this new update of the list for NBA 2K22 implies that of Joel Embed. The big man Philadelphia 76ers has been a favorite for the MVP all season, which is even more impressive when you realize that he’s not even playing with all the strength of his team. The overall rating of Embed increased from 95 to 96 in this update, making it one of the best players in the game.

As for other notable improvements, increase Luka Dončić saw him score 94 overall after briefly falling earlier this year. James Harden also rose to 91 in general, while Shaw Gilgeous-Alexander rose to 87. Obviously, these changes are just a few of the many that have occurred in this patch, but the most notable have happened to the best league players.

If you want to play NBA 2K22 for you, you can now pick it up on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. Conversely, you can also see all updates made in this neat players per team patch below.

Atlanta Hawks ###:

  • Onega Okonkwo: LB 76 (+1)
  • Louis Williams: LB 74 (+1)
  • Kevin Knox II: MED 71 (-2)

Brooklyn networks:

  • James Harden: MED 91 (+1)
  • DeAndre Memory: MED 75 (-1)
  • Kessler Edwards: LB 73 (+1)
  • Day’Ron Sharpe: LB 73 (+2)

Boston Celtics ###:

  • A Oxford: MED 79 (-1)
  • Freedom Ends: 77 LB (-1)
  • Josh Richardson: MED 77 (-1)
  • Grant Williams: LB 74 (-1)

Charlotte Hornets ###:

  • Ball Lick: LB 85 (-1)
  • PJ Washington: 78 OR (-1)
  • Galen McDaniel: MED 76 (-1)

Chicago Bulls ###:

  • AYO Dosing: LB 75 (+1)
  • Matt Thomas: LB 73 (+2)
  • Tyler Cook: LB 73 (+2)
  • Alfonso McKenzie: MED 70 (-1)

Cleveland Cavaliers ###:

  • Lauri Marianne: MED 78 (+1)
  • Ramon Rondo: LB 75 (+1)
  • Lamar Stevens: LB 74 (+2)
  • Dylan Swindler: LB 73 (+1)
  • Brandon Goodwin: LB 72 (+3)

Dallas Mavericks ###:

  • Luka Dončić: MED 94 (+1)
  • Maxi Keeper: 74 LB (-1)
  • Sterling Brown: 71 LB (-1)

Denver Nuggets ###:

  • Aaron Gordon: MED 80 (+1)
  • Will Barton: MED 79 (+1)
  • Monte Morris: 78 LB (-1)
  • Zeke Nazi: LB 76 (+1)
  • Jeff Green: LB 76 (+2)
  • Fecund Campaign: MED 75 (-1)

Detroit Pistons:

  • Made Cunningham: LB 80 (+1)
  • Cory Joseph: LB 75 (+1)
  • Rodney Cruder: LB 73 (+1)

Warriors of the Golden State:

  • Play Thompson: MED 86 (-1)
  • Jordan Poole: MED 78 (-1)
  • André Iguala: OR 76 (-1)
  • Jonathan Kunming: MED 75 (+1)
  • Juan Tosca no: MED 74 (-1)

Houston Rockets ###:

  • Kevin Porter Jr.: MED 77 (+1)

Indiana Pacers ###:

  • Cars Lever: LB 81 (+1)
  • Chris Duarte: MED 77 (+1)
  • Terra Craig: MED 76 (-1)
  • Lance Stephenson: MED 76 (-1)
  • Jeremy Lamb: 76 OR (-1)
  • Justin Holiday: LB 74 (+1)
  • Isaiah Jackson: LB 73 (+1)
  • Yoga Bit adze: LB 73 (+2)
  • OSHA Brisket: LB 72 (-2)

  • Safer Sykes: 72 LB (-1)

Los Angeles Clippers ###:

  • Marcus Morris Sr.: 77 OR (-1)
  • Reggie Jackson: LB 77 (+1)
  • Nicolas Datum: LB 77 (+1)
  • Amir Coffey: MED 77 (+2)
  • Eric Bedsore: MED 76 (-1)
  • ISA Hammerstein: OR 76 (-1)

The Los Angeles Lakers:

  • Taken Horton-Tucker: OR 75 (-1)
  • Stanley Johnson: LB 74 (+2)

Memphis Grizzlies ###:

  • Steven Adams: MED 81 (-1)
  • Xavier Tillman: MED 76 (-1)
  • Zaire Williams: MED 73 (+1)

Miami Heat ###:

  • Tyler Herro: LB 83 (+1)
  • Caleb Martin: MED 79 (+1)

Milwaukee Bucks ###:

  • Chris Middleton: LB 85 (+1)
  • Done Vincenzo Di: OR 77 (-2)

Wolf Minnesota:

  • Patrick Beverley: MED 78 (-1)
  • Jaylen Powell: LB 77 (+1)

New Orleans Pelicans ###:

  • Gary Clark: MED 72 (-1)
  • José Alvarado: MED 72 (+5)
  • Garrett Temple: LB 71 (-1)

The New York Knicks:

  • RJ Barrett: LB 83 (+1)
  • Walker Emma: 80 LB (-1)
  • Alec Burks: MED 77 (-1)
  • Immanuel Quickly: MED 76 (-1)
  • Obi Topping: 76 LB (-1)
  • Quentin Grimes: LB 74 (+1)

Oklahoma City Thunder ###:

  • Shaw Gilgeous-Alexander: LB 87 (+1)
  • Favors Derrick: OR 76 (-1)
  • Jeremiah Earl Robinson-: 74 OR (-1)
  • Darius Bailey: LB 74 (+1)

Orlando Magic ###:

  • Cole Anthony: 80 Med (-1)
  • Franz Wagner: 80 Med (-1)
  • Moritz Wagner: 75 Cap (+2)

Filadelfia 76ers:

  • Joel Embed: 96 CAP (+1)
  • Furman Workman: 75 Cap (-1)
  • Georges Ni ang: 74 CAP (-2)
  • Isaiah Joe: 70 CAP (-1)

Soles de Fénix:

  • Chris Paul: 90 CAP (+2)
  • Cameron Payne: 76 Cap (+1)

Pioneers de Portland:

  • CJ McCollum: 84 Cap (-1)
  • Internee Simon’s: 80 Cap (+1)
  • Dennis Smith Jr.: 75 MED (+1)
  • Tony Snell: 72 MED (-1)
  • CJ Ellen: 72 CAP (+2)
  • Trenton Watford: 70 CAP (+2)

Spells de San Antonio:

  • Thaddeus Young: 76 Cap (-1)
  • Lonnie Walker IV: 75 CAP (-1)
  • KEITH BATES drop: 74 Or (-2)
  • Josue Prime: 72 Or (-1)
  • Jock Land ale: 70 cap (+2)

Reyes de Sacramento:

  • Terence Davis: 78 med (+2)
  • Tristan Thompson: 76 Cap (-1)
  • Never QUOTA: 70 CAP (+1)

Raptors de Toronto:

  • OG Annoy: 81 CAP (-1)
  • Scottie Barnes: 81 Med (-1)
  • Yuma Watanabe: 73 Cap (-1)

Jazz de Utah:

  • Mike Conley: 83 Med (-1)
  • Bajan Bogdanović: 81 Med (-1)
  • Jordan Clarkson: 77 Med (-1)
  • Hassan White side: 77 Med (-1)
  • Eric Paschal: 75 CAP (+1)
  • Trent Forrest: 72 CAP (+2)


Lagos de Washington:

  • Run Chimera: 77 Med (-1)
  • Davis Bertans: 74 CAP (-1)

Live Update on January 26 of Call of Duty: Warzone with patch notes

A new -duty: war zone The update is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X along with patch notes. With the update of January 26, Raven Software has not done much through the game. The update does not contain improvements or nerfs or new content or characteristics. All you have are several arrangements, none of which is very important.

The positive thing about this is that the file size must be smaller. Currently, we do not have information about the different file sizes of the update, but it should be small, which means that the download time should be minimal. That said, for now, this is just a speculation based on the duration of the patch notes.

Next, you can consult the complete and official patch notes:

  • The problems of collision were corrected with many elements in boiler, which allows players to explode, look and shoot through them.

* A issue that caused instability was solved by pressing the Xbox start button twice while it was in the game.
* A issue that caused instability was solved when writing characters that were not ASCII (e.g., ©, ®, ™, ∅).
* An additional issue was solved that caused the menu screen to blink.
* A issue was solved that allowed players to reappear through the repurchase with part of their original equipment.
* A issue was solved that caused additional position marker images to appear in various previews and / or purchases of Store Bundle.

  • A issue was solved that caused live matches will fail.
  • A issue was solved that caused the players to fall into a well without despair background when trying to take a dip in the pool.
  • A issue was solved that caused the second public event of Loadout no occurring in the main modes of Battle Royale.

_ Duty: war zone_ is available, free, via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more War zone coverage and everything related Obligations, click here.

The release date of the Crusader Kings 3 console is revealed

Reyes crossed 3, one of the best qualified games of 2020, will leave its PC exclusivity and will reach the console on March 29. More specifically, it will arrive at PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X on this date. And according to the Paradox Interactive editor, this is more than a basic port for PC.

Reyes crossed 3 is a great strategy game that succeeded in 2020. After its launch, it obtained a 91 in Metacritic, which makes it one of the best qualified games of its year. At the end of 2020, he won many end-of-year prizes and was significantly nominated for better strategy / tactics game at The Game Awards 2020.


Your legacy awaits you. Choose your noble house and lead your dynasty to greatness in an Popeye of the average age that includes generations, says an official launch of the game. War is just one of the many tools to establish your reign, since the real strategy requires expert diplomatic skill, domain of your kingdom and true cunning. Crusader Kings III continues the popular series created by Paradox Development Studio, which presents widely acclaimed great strategy immersion and a set of deep and dramatic medieval role.

Paradox continues, speaking specifically with the ports of the game console:

«Reyes crossed III In the console presents an adapted interface and a control scheme specifically designed for larger screens and console game pads. The new control map allows players to navigate quickly and easily by game menus through activators, bumpers and rapid movements of the analog joystick. The console edition also uses the key capabilities of Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5, as superfast loading times for a perfect game experience, as well as feedback from the HAPTIC controller and Adaptive Trigger. Players can switch between the game and other applications, such as YouTube, using Quick Resume, where they can consult a tutorial on how to quell a peasant revolt.

At the time of publication, it is not known if there is any intention of adding a current or future DLC of the game, but it seems that, at least, it is missing in the base version of the console.

Record year: Xbox reaches new heights with Game Pass and Next gene

Xbox is currently on a real high altitude flight: The PlayStation competitor was able to record an absolute record year in 2021 – the Game Pass Service and the Xbox Series X | S have contributed significantly to this success.

Microsoft has announced that the Gaming division of the Tech Giant 2021 was able to record a record year. Xbox was able to emit revenue of $16.28 billion and has achieved a new milestone.

Xbox starts through and celebrates record year 2021

Xbox has set up a personal taking record 2021 and thus exceeded the previous year for whopping 17.7 percent. (Source: Microsoft). How Industry Analyst Daniel Ahmad notified on Twitter was increased by content and services by 8.8 percent compared to the previous year, while hardware sales even increased by 63.3 percent.

Thus, it can be said that have contributed to both the Game Pass Service and the Xbox Series X | S crucial to the success of last year. Last but not least, Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced that the Next-Gen consoles were the fastest-selling Xbox generation of all time – and demand surpasses the offer.

Microsoft on the upswing: records and big plans for 2022

With the two consecutive record years in the back, Microsoft sends itself to further conquer the gaming industry. The planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard King should undoubtedly play an important role. With a steadily growing game library and numerous well-known franchises Xbox could probably re-report a record year for next January . However, if Xbox can therefore make Sony the Next-Gen throne, must still show: a recently published forecast, the PS5 still sees the PS5 in the 2022 sales still far before the Xbox Series X | s.

WAS means the Activision Takeover? We explain it to you in the video:

Xbox currently surfs at the Success Shaft: After the announcement of the Activision acquisition, the Gaming Giant has now announced that 2021 could be recorded as a record year with regard to revenue. Decisive for success were both the Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox Series X | s.

A Minecraft tournament was a target of cyber strikes that left a whole nation without a Net connection


The event culminated with the Streamer Olliegamerz as the champion after numerous days of competitions seen in the aforementioned Netflix series. The competition had numerous visualizations through all the banners who transmitted it, as Pokeys, that got to a brand-new document in its network with 1.2 million customers after being second.

Charles Casadevall, representative for Telecom Andorra, commented that the attack went guided to YouTubers of the location, which was the best he had actually ever before received the network of this country. The circumstance was dealt with quickly, however when it is a single vendor for an entire nation, lots of people not associated with the tournament suffered the very same affectations.

A couple of days ago, a Minecraft tournament was arranged where 150 streamers participated wanting to take $100,000. This event was based on the popular Netflix series, the squid video game , to put all the individuals versus all the participants, yet the betrayals surpassed the video game, then Cybercafes in Andorra focused on several rivals From this country not just affected them, yet the entire sob.

The affectations were fixed in a brief time The only Web company of the nation, Telecom Andorra , discussed social networks the DDoS attack I was experiencing, which did not take long to relate to the aforementioned event. Banners such as Rubies as well as Autoplay were forced to because of this trouble

[News] MSI Online Webcasts Laptop New Products

MSI has over the past 20 Jan. MSI Game verse Presentation online webcast introduces the brand orientation and the different types of laptops for the new upcoming products unveiled at CES 2022 and the year 2021 was achieved last year.

Year 2021 MSI last year, it has received a lot of attention in the media and IT hardware (Tom’s Hardware, PC Magazine, etc.), especially in the case of former Raider GE Series notebooks stand out performance received high praise. It was proven that it can trust in the performance notebook is not only portable, available through, continues to come up, such as a notebook lineup Stealth GS series and Z series creator used for many purposes.


The gaming laptop GE76 and 13% of the high performance and power, the temperature of the routine of Raider GE series in the solid state at room temperature is applied to laptop Liquid meth pad to change to liquid. In addition, your notebook is no problem viewing the notebook for business office operations, as well as gaming applications.

GS77’s Stealth GS Series can carry no burden when viewing a business conference or everyday business with a large screen and a light weight of 16 inches, it can also be used in gaming applications. In addition, there is a Creator Z series and for the creators and editing professionals. If the Creator Z Z16 series shows a high refresh rate of 120Hz 16-inch screen and is optimized to work on a laptop or a multipurpose video editing.

In addition, at CES 2022 MSI today announced the launch ready metadata-ready notebook that combines the metaverse. Meta-ready notebook has been common with the graphics card RTX than 30 series of Intel’s 12-generation CPU, NVIDIA has been applied to both like Titan GT, Raider GE, Creator GS, Vector GP, Creator Z, Creator pro Z series.

CPU, and even meta-ready laptops except the graphics card showed a variety of hardware that combines the technologies. Liquid meth pad applied to Stealth GS77, Raider GE76 is and the daily temperature variation to the liquid in the solid state at room temperature, shows the excellent thermal conductivity it is convenient to install and easy. There is also the cause of the leak of the paragraph, it is maintenance-free advantages.

Vapor chamber applied to the creator Z16P cooler becomes possible for the cooling area than the existing coolers wider about 76% to 65% increases the air circulation rate temperature is lowered 2. Hardware changes and also changed MSI Center was dedicated software for MSI. This further eased and Joaquin UI readability setting method and new technology, MSI has introduced the intelligent Smart Auto mode, the system and ambient Silent AI.

Smart Auto technology has been created based on artificial intelligence, actively recognizing the status of a computer and allows you to automatically adjust the best performance for your environment. If the ambient noise around the silent AI detected by adjusting the level of the product within the fan speed performance makes controlling the noise (db). It reduces battery consumption efficiently also includes super-battery function.

In addition, MSI has chosen the Intel and NVIDIA as a company representing the company’s latest technology, introduce them through a variety of notebook MSI. Among MSI Raider GE76 Diego is selected as the representative products to introduce three 12-CPU performance was released late last year, MSI Stealth GS77 and the Creator Z17 and the cross-hair 15 Rainbow Six Extreme Edition traction was introduced as the main model for the Nvidia graphics card.

Finally, this MSI Game verse Presentation lots for gaming, business, creators showcased a variety of new notebook. New product is the latest DDR5 memory, and Intel’s 12-generation CPU with a graphics card has been applied more than 30 series. The MSI as the past year showed the more advanced technology and ease of use and design that will snipe the tastes of different users.

■ massive new appearance! Gaming Notebook Series

MSI’s new gaming notebook series all support the latest DDR5-4800 memory and show higher performance than conventional DDR4 memory. In addition, you can use the software in a non-MSI MSI Center for Optimum hybrid graphics feature, or MS mode with easy overclocking of the GPU core clock options and the VRAM easy to play games with higher graphics capability than before. Non-Optimus feature is only available for Raider GE Series, Vector GP Series, Stealth GS66 products. Display may select the desired type of FHD, QHD or 4K image quality.

Stealth GS Series

Raider GE series

Vector GP Series

Crosshair 17/15 Rainbow Six Extraction Edition

Sword 15

■ for the Creator, Creator Notebook Series

The big Streamer-WG with Twitch celebrities has actually fallen short – shame is just the glass fiber

Even more, the banner tells about the electrical wiring in the house. So he mentions a DSL box that look like an old video recorder. The net site was antique, something he has not seen for 15 years.

Fan donates cash on Twitch Streamer and will be angered – I just wished to be good.


The well-known Fortnite Streamer Equal Loco wanted to move with each other with associates of the E-Sports Company NRG in a video gaming residence.

Could not be laid fiber? Theoretically, but comparable to this nation, Equal would certainly need to encourage the whole street with neighbors as well as to contribute the cost of laying the fiber optic cord. He also explains that in stream:.

For a smart house, the home is fairly silly, the streamer explains to the verdict.

For a wise residence, the residence is quite silly, the streamer discusses to the conclusion. Equal and also the other NRG streamers now go back to the routine web content. They were for four months since of the tumbled streaming project.

  • The Fortnite Streamer Equal Loco (via has returned after a lengthy absence to discuss why the NRG-ESPORTS Web Content House Thew House lately canceled.
  • Your house was started in late summer 2021, however instantly it was silent around the participants.
  • Presumably, the entire task had stopped working just for a factor we can shattering comprehend in Germany: the missing glass fiber connection.
  • NRG lies in LA and also not just homes different e-sports groups, but likewise cosplayers and also streamer, all come with each other under one roof covering.

In the US, around 17% of households with glass fiber are presently linked to the Internet, regarding 88% contend the very least one effective cable connection (via Broadband. Now). As necessary, the banner apparently stunned that there was no strong net in this clever home.

If the job could conserve the project? The inquiry of sense of guilt is clear to the streamer: NRG could have not done anything, the coordinators were probably simply as lied as the banner themselves. Since the residence was already predetermined, NRG You might save the project streaming residence.

What fell short the job? In this residence, the NRG banner need to develop an awesome material as well as stream. This strategy went big back. The Web in the NRG house is much regrettable in order to just touch such a project.

The off-switch has the team ultimately but not just as a result of the bad internet, claims Streamer Equal Loco. There were too numerous even more problems than wanted to proceed:.

  • Program just 4 months just chilly water.
  • The air conditioning in your house did not control.
  • The pool was damaged.
  • And also various smaller sized troubles with home windows as well as furnishings.

For contrast: In Germany, just 5.4% of houses have a fiber optic link (via

An idea was to enhance the internet using IRL streaming knapsacks, which obtain their network using radio. In enhancement to the high cost of around EUR 8,000 per item, the ability would still have actually not been enough for all with numerous knapsacks.

We asked the owners if we can obtain glass fiber. They claimed that would certainly have to integrate the whole roadway. We can just do nothing against the LAME internet. I intended to publish a video and also stood there, it would certainly take 256 hrs. We can not also stream songs.

The well-known Fortnite Streamer Equal Loco wanted to move with each other with coworkers of the E-Sports Company NRG in a video gaming residence. In this residence, the NRG streamer need to produce an awesome material and also stream. The question of guilt is clear to the streamer: NRG could have not done anything, the coordinators were most likely just as lied as the streamer themselves. Because the residence was already predetermined, NRG You can save the project streaming residence.

For an additional considerable, Streamer offered Sodapop, that dishonored a viewer after a contribution:.

We come to this home, and you (the landlords) state NRG and also us that the internet is very quick, it was terrific, it is a smart residence […] Lengthy speech, brief feeling: When we showed up there, it was not so great. We had no fiber optic connection. I do not recognize what it was, possibly DSL.

Equal Loco in the stream on Monday.

What took place? .

Banner does not blame his company.

E-Sports group founds streaming residence that stops working on the net.

The reported Streamer Equal Loco as he returned after a lengthy lack.

Analyst says: The PlayStation 5 will also sell 2022 better than the Xbox Series

Also, 2022 it will again be a challenge of getting one of the coveted Next gene consoles . Because whether you are looking for a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series: the combination of pandemic-conditioned delivery difficulties, the chip scarcity and the greedy scalpers makes the technical wound Cheney still for lack of defects .

But though both consoles are selling as cut bread, Sony has so far clearly the nose. In 2022, nothing should change, as an analyst announces by the London Market Research Institute Ampere Analysis. Piers Harding Rolls, so the name of the analyst, sees the PS5 (Buy Now €845,00) also further in front of the Xbox. Top runners is another one.

Unique winner in the console war

How hard ring rolls in a video published by Ampere Analysis explains on Twitter, the competition between Sony and Microsoft in terms of sold consoles has a clear winner: It looks like the availability of the PlayStation 5- and Xbox Series consoles will slowly get better over the year and according to our expectations Sony Microsoft will beat two at the sales figures.


He predicts that the Xbox will sell around nine million times , while Sony comes to the double number . Nintendo’s hybrid console, on the other hand, strikes both hard ring rolls: But the most successful console on the market in terms of sales will be the Nintendo Switch with 21 million units and that is also boosted by the demand for the new Nintendo Switch OLED.

The fact is that all three consoles would probably sell even better if you could actually meet demand. Once the chip scarcity and the restricted console production does not seem to tear off. Whether Microsoft has to worry about the success of the Xbox after the purchase of Activision Blizzard around the success of the Xbox, however, it seems questionable.

The Sealed Ampoule: Dungeon

From now on, players in the Microsoft Store can pre-order the Game The Sealed Ampule for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

The Sealed Ampule of the developer Warehouse is a click-match with role-playing elements, in which player not only lose their character, but also their dungeon as they collect the harvest.

Anyone who attends deeper into the dungeon and explores him can redesign him and agricultural use. This transforms himself later into a profitable and profitable farm.

The story of The Sealed Ampule

Once upon a time there was a budding alchemist called Irene.

After she had recently lost her beloved mother, she decided to make itself independently to distract her mourning and become independent.

One day she found a cheap, used for sale in an alchemist online shop named Mercury and bought it immediately.

But if an offer seems too good to be true, then…

The dungeon turned out to be full of strange enemies who had to defeat Irene before she could collect objects for her alchemy practices.

Finally, when it reaches the deeper areas of the dungeon, it meets a doll-like twin pair and the mysterious body of an unknown man.

Here Irene begins twilight dungeon murder puzzles…


Dungeon explore

The basic game system is pretty simple: explores the dungeon> harvesting items> goes home and does different preparations > explores the KER Dungeon KER.

During the preparatory phase, you can expand and expand your dungeon or learn new skills for Irene. If your new skills learn, you can dive deeper into the dungeon and fight against harder opponents and bosses.

Management of the Dungeon

There are two different levels for every dungeon floor: Farm Level and Magic Level.

The higher the farm level, the more items are available; The higher the magic stage, the more useful magical circles there are.

If you can maximize both levels for a particular floor, you can eventually use it agricultural. As soon as the soil is farmed, he is becoming a true paradise that offers large amounts of objects and free of enemies.

Different skills

There are over 100 types of skills, such as attack, healing, enchantment, object management, etc. Each player can develop his own unique game style, depending on how he uses his different skills and combines.

The Sealed Amour can be pre-ordered for 16.99 instead of 19.99 euros in Microsoft.

Schmidt: “The football god was probably Dresdner”

The Dynamo Trainer did not talk about the hot oatmeal for the game after the game: We can not be satisfied with the game, summed up the 53-year-old. Although the 0: 0 listen well and the point is also important, and we will not apologize for a point win in Hanover, said Schmidt, but had a lot to criticize.

The deficits he had seen above all in the fact that his team acted towards ball gains and the leather has also been far too fast. Compared to the 1: 1 against the HSV, the last lifetime would have been missing, Schmidt said, who was glad that his protégés in some scenes had also been the quiver Happen Hold.

Roll as a shiny retention

The coach also found praising words. Captain Yannick strong, moved back to the defensive chain for the yellow-locked Michael Collabed, and Keeper Kevin Roll had a good interaction. In Roll (players of the game, Broll-Note 1.5) Schmidt had also made his Man of the Match. He held very well and was present.

With a view to the next game, which will take place against Rostock after the little break at home, Schmidt announced an aggressive, more active Dresden team, which will show that, what made us strong.

Bordello travels to the national team

In preparation, Brandon Bordello will be there. The 26-year-old started on Sunday evening the trip to Australia’s national team to Melbourne and struggles with the Soccer for a ticket for the World Cup in Qatar. Australia arrives on 27 January 2022 on Vietnam and arrives on 1 February 2022 in Oman. Great is that the second game is in Oman, said Schmidt, as the time difference is no longer so serious. But overall, that’s a madness, SCHMIDT noticed in the face of the upcoming aircraft kilometers for the offensive player.

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